Wednesday, December 20, 2006

So, where did I leave off...

The weekend summary: relatively uneventful. Friday night, Jenny's friends had a holiday party in Columbia Heights. She'd been at a work happy hour earlier wearing a mistletoe headband and drinking much. When Vive brought her French friend, Jenny and she spent the rest of night talking in French. The guys hosting had come up with holiday drinks like Santa Clausmopolitans. That was quite cute. District Belle, SW, and I discussed one of Jenny's rather cute friends who wore clear braces. I swear, because of my Mean Girl comments, I'm totally going to be diagnosed with TMJ. Anyways.

Sunday, I had brunch with my cousin at Busboys and Poets where our waiter apparently (the Producer said I use the word "apparently" a lot. Apparently) didn't want to be a waiter. I HATE that... I mean it's not my damn fault I ordered Diet Coke, and you brought me regular... sorry that this is the job you chose, but is it really my fault? I was too scared he'd spit in my food to mention that the chef left the avocado off my sandwich. Thus, my sandwich sucked. I think I've almost always had terrible service at Busboys and Poets. I have no idea why I keep going. Remind me next time, okay?

Monday night was the Annual Hanukkah Happy Hour on the Hill (meat market much?) at the Poor House. The Master was at a Hanukkah dinner at the White House with this Marine she's friends with... someone asked me, quite seriously, why she wasn't squished into the Poor House with us... I liked that I got to say, "hmmm, would you choose the Poor House or the White House?"

I saw APK for the first time in 2 months. Missdy had advised that I should be civil and say hello. I was all prepped to do so, except he ended up coming off the Metro at the same time as all of us. So, I got stuck walking in a small group with him... which made me anxious. In the most patronizing tone ever, he says "Hello Samantha. How are you? Are you going home to Mobile, Alabama for the holidays?" Urg. I shortly answered and then avoided all night.

To BG and JM, I remarked, "it's not like anyone assumes I'm a total sweetheart. I mean, yes, I'm warm and friendly to those I like, but come on, have I even given any indication that I'm not a bit bitchy? I'm pretty sure everyone is rather aware of the fact that I'm a bitch. Fine. So, I don't have to be friendly. I'm a bitch. End of story." I smiled at him when I was leaving, isn't that friendly enough? It's not like either of us has made any effort to get in touch with one another in the last two months. If he's feeling like I'm feeling, life is pretty damn divine with or without him. And, the stress of that relationship was not healthy. So, if we aren't e-mailing or calling, why would either of us want to catch up at a crowded happy hour? Seems that there are more important people that both of us would like to spend time chatting with, no?

I left the bar with the Producer, Southern Beau, and their friend to hit some diner two doors down. Yummy, a diner on the Hill? Who knew? I might go out there more often!

I asked if the Pea wanted to come eat with us. She had decided to stay at the Poor House, and we had a funny misunderstanding. Text from her while I was eatin' (I've cleared up the inevitable drunk text misspellings and added punctuation just for you!):

Pea: So what's the plan? I'm with APK.
Me: Two doors down eating, but APK can't come. I'm with the Producer and crew. So, have fun and I will see you tomorrow night!
Pea: Hey. Just heard your voice mail. Anyhow, I was just saying I was with APK. Clearly not bringing him with. Vive and I went to dinner with two randoms.
Me: Oh geez. Sorry. Totally misinterpreted that. So so sorry!

And this, my friends, is why texting is a bad form of communication.

I had 20 people over for dinner last night. My living room had only the couch left in it... wall to wall tables and chairs. I had cooked everything and asked that people just bring alcohol. I feel like we always run out of alcohol at these events. Of course, this is the first event where we've drank only about 7 bottles of wine. Oh well, guess I'll throw another party and tell people to bring food.

The party was a Hanukkah dinner. No one ever has cheesy parties anymore, so I wanted it to be full on cheese. The Master led the Story of Hanukkah as a Mad Lib.... I created this as a fun way to tell the story of the holiday... it's now being passed around, because I'm fabulous and people love my ideas (just kidding of course). Suave led the Hanukkah trivia game. Team "Super Jews" one the prizes. The White Elephant gift exchange was hilarious. People were told to bring random and funny gifts under $10. You can't steal a gift from someone more than once. I ended up with the hottest item of the night, a watch that's also a lighter (don't ask, but I can see my night out in Adams Morgan now. Dude says, "do you have a light?" and I say "gogo gadget watch!") Other funny gifts included a sampler pack of 40s, a global warming mug, the largest remote control ever (Missdy yelled "oh good, now Bubby can watch TV again!"), a make your own dreidle kit, and a cyber pet. Oh, and AM one the prize for best gift for a framed 8x10 of himself holding a beer up that was autographed "You can do it too!"

Everyone got really into all of the games, so the evening was a blast. Honestly, that's the key to a good cheesy party. Well, that and a whole lot of alcohol. I was definitely not sober.


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