Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Life with my Nano

I am definitely using my Nano more than my Shuffle. I loaded it up with all 150 of my CDs and heaven even knows how many downloaded songs I have stored on my computer. I've already used up 3 of the 4GB... but, I'm not worried considering what I've put on has been all I've collected since I was 12 years old and asked my father to go out and buy me Michael Jackson's Thriller CD.

My second-cousin's husband is the middle man between wholesale electronic companies and retailers. We had a CD player when CDs in stores were held in those ridiculous long and unnecessary plastic cases. He also convinced my dad that laserdisc players were going to be HUGE, so we have one of those with about 30 laser discs we'll never watch. Anyways, with the Michael Jackson CD, I told my father I wanted his new CD. My dad came back with Off the Wall instead. Michael had some surgery done between those two albums, and I thought he'd gotten me some other person's CD. My mother had to explain to me plastic surgery while my dad went back to exchange the CD for Thriller.

But, back to my Nano now which indeed houses both Bad and Thriller (for those of you bored at work, dude, check out how much his looks changed between each of those albums!).

I've realized that the screen has given me a music ADD of sorts. I can't stick to any genre of music and get bored during songs entirely half the time. Also, much like the tit (the bird you perv) who sings shorter and faster in the city than they do in the country, I find that walking around I prefer loud Tupac-style songs, but in the comfort of my home I prefer Sinatra-style music. FYI, this National Geographic article is really interesting... our hectic lifestyles are actually possibly creating another species of bird.

Okay, off to the movies.


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