Friday, December 01, 2006

Tid Bits

Holiday Party Season on the Hill has Begun!

Thanks to JK, I attended the NEI party last night (Nuclear Energy Institute)... she sent out so many on the list that I got confused as to the date, but ended up attending with her and JM for the second year in a row. The party was again held at B. Smith's in Union Station, but this year they requested guests bring a toy for Toys for Tots. The food included a carving station, Asian-inspired appetizers and chocolate covered strawberries. Snowflake lights bounced off the ceiling.

JK is so sweet about including all of us in the invites for these parties. Even at an event like last night's where I don't know what to say to any of the people attending (as you can imagine), I still always have an amazing time. I requested that the next ones I attend with her be the media related parties, because I definitely feel more comfortable with small talk in that arena.

Let No Lost Boy Stand Alone.

Yep, they are all the same. Every one of those Lost Boys. I want to believe each one is better than the next, but of course, there is a reason they are friends. So, I met an older Lost Boy a while ago at a Potluck dinner held by Peter and Ralph. He was wasted from a day of drinking and more annoying than Vanessa Milano and Nick Lachey canoodling all over US Weekly. When I met him again Halloween weekend, I decided he was pretty cool. I was amazed that he admitted, openly, to being embarrassed for acting so annoying when we met him.

I invited him to come along to Ghosts and Spirits at the Decatur House to meet a friend of mine I though might be interested in him. Sure enough, he met 3! The fact that all 3 are in some form of contact with one another didn't seem to matter. He asked one with a boyfriend out, and she said she had a boyfriend, and he ignored it to ask her out again. He took another one out for drinks... and followed up to see her again. Then, took the girl with a boyfriend's close friend out for dinner... all the while asking the boyfriended girl out. And guess what, WE ALL KNOW!

The thing about a Lost Boy is that they're so immature they haven't yet learned how to play the game properly. Suggestion: don't attempt to date 3 girls in the same circle at the same time. Your ultimate score will be zero!

The Baby Whisperer.

I was making fun of the poor person who was forced to produce the Today Show's baby whisperer segment yesterday morning, until I spoke to my coworker who just had a baby. The woman was on Opera a while ago, and my coworker TIVOed the segment. According to her, the whisperer is a mad genius.

Weekend Craziness...

AC's invited me to some mega-dinner party tonight early, then I need sleep. I've got a Cookie Exchange tomorrow morning for Junior League, then shopping with the Master and Suave for something fabulous to wear tomorrow night... then parties in the evening... looks to be a wonderfully fun weekend!


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