Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Chris is in town. My car is crumpled. These are mutually exclusive statements.

My car is crumpled. Okay, not, like, in the way a Civic looks like a ball of aluminum foil after it bumps into a wall. But, the hood is bent and the grill is pushed in. Randomly, the lights still work fine with no damage. BMW, built for German's who drive at night?

Three lanes became one on Constitution right before Memorial Bridge. Some a-hole was on my tail while another was trying to scoot in on my right side. Large black Lincoln SUV was in front of me with tractor pull on bumper (of course). I turn to see right side a-hole. Want to make sure he's not about to hit my car. Lincoln stops. I run into him. Blah.

I'm okay. Nothing a Xanex and a glass of wine couldn't fix. Parents are on a cruise till the 3rd with only an emergency number. Not calling and ruining their cruise. Going to get an estimate this afternoon. Then, figure out if it is worth filing a claim.

I haven't had an accident since high school. Insurance will only go up $30. That's a good thing. Deductible is only $500. I think it will be okay. Again, blah blah blah.

But, the good news is, Chris is in town!!!!!!!! I love love love Chris. He's a buddy from college. Dated Lyss for a short while then befriended all us girls, and the two of us became insta-friends. He's this total dorky hippy trapped in the body of a 6 foot 3 blond, blue-eyed, perfect dimpled person. Just a great guy. My mom loves him. Totally not into him at all. And vice versa. We've been friends from the start. So, it's nice to have a good, solid one of my guy friends to hang with tonight.

After graduation, Chris stayed in Amherst for the summer before his Accounting job began in September. I had 2 Betas (Asian fighting fish) senior year. They hate other fighting fish. You keep them in separate bowls. I couldn't bring them with me, so I gave Chris and Steve my fish to keep. The boys had all their friends over, drank a bunch, and put the two fish into a pot together to see which one would win. I'm told they even had bets going on red fish or blue fish reigning supreme. The blue fish won.

Chris came in to New York my last weekend there. I was packing up and had been out hard core Friday night. Chris called, "It's Saturday night. It's your LAST Saturday night in the City. You are getting dressed and meeting us out at Sutton Place in 30 minutes. And, I don't care if you don't like Sutton Place, because you're not 12. You are coming." It was one of my favorite nights in NYC. We were in Midtown. Chelsea. Meat Packing. Lower East Side. A diner in the Village. I got home at 6am. Love love love Chris.

So, car is crumpled. But, YAY, Chris is in town!


  • At January 31, 2007, Blogger I-66 said…

    Wow. Glad you're alright, my friend.

    Did you just hit the trailer hitch?

  • At February 03, 2007, Blogger greeneggmom said…

    Glad you chose to not tell me while I was cruising; Glad I had no email there also. Glad I am relaxed enough to not be too worried, but more glad that dad is relaxed enough not to be too worried!


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