Saturday, January 27, 2007

Chinese New Year and the Parting of the Sea

JK got four free tickets to the Chinese New Year Spectacular at GW's Lisner Auditorium last night with a VIP Reception before the show (Chinese food amongst gorgeous Chinese paintings). The show is put on by New Tang Dynasty Television. "NTDTV the only independent Chinese-language media company in the world today broadcasting uncensored Chinese-language information directly into Mainland China."

The colors in the show, from the costumes to the props to the backdrop, were such a beautiful rainbow of chaos. The remarkable costumes and the large number of people in each troupe (some had up to 16 people) truly created such a lovely show. Read more here.

After the show, I met up with Kix at his Logan Circle apartment... decorated without black leather couches and Ikea-esque furniture. I was pleasantly surprised to find two guys decorating in neutral tones and sophistication similar to the interior styles I prefer. We drank some wine and relaxed.

Today, my JLW advisor and group caught up at the Starbucks in Georgetown before our mid-year event. I told you about that girl Jaime in brief here. Well, I didn't tell you the whole story because it wasn't something I wanted to repeat. Let's just say she was the most classless and rude person I've met in a long while... and hideously unattractive. So, sitting with her at dinner a while back, the Pea had warned me before that she was much to take. At the top of her lungs, she discussed the poor clothing of the hostess. Then, she proceeded to attack everything I said... telling me that basically all the people we knew in common were sluts, my sorority sisters were sluts, everyone she talked to came out as a debutante, and yet, she couldn't understand why no guy (she talked as loud as possible about her issues with guys) would date her. Gee, wonder why. Finally, she said to me "UMass is, like, the second worst school in the country." She's from Worcester. Do you know Worcester? Not saying I know no one with class from there, I know a couple of very nice people, but in general... let the stereotype be on her rather than me.

So, I blew up at her at dinner in the mildest way I could. I started it off with, "Did you expect me not to say anything? What is wrong with you?" and ending it with, "This is a small city where you don't know who anyone is. How stupid are you? And frankly, you're bra is showing."

Well, this morning, I walked into my New Member event and guess who was there. She looked like a dear in headlights as District Belle and I whispered about her to the other girls in our group. Dumb ass. DC is a really small town. Don't attack people for no reason. Even if you're busted and pretentious and a social climber.

I'm meeting Stormy and District Belle tonight for a Jungle party in Ballston. We're wearing animal print. I felt so cheesy trying on only animal print clothing at Forever 21 the other night. I settled on zebra print. Animal patterns certainly aren't the best way to look svelte.


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