Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Kickball Take 1

I saw a girl's bra last night at, like, 9:30pm. My introduction to kickball is now complete.

My brother and arrived at Adams Mill at 7:30pm as instructed by our team's Evite for the event. No one from our team was there yet. My response, "this is why I'm never on time for things. I hate waiting. And, damn, I didn't look at the map of where the field is." Josh, "so what if no one shows up?" Me, "um, guess we're not going."

Around 7:45, our teammates arrived. We had drinks upstairs and watched the teams who'd finished playing earlier games start on their flip cup madness. The schedule for the games isn't overly ideal, and teams get stuck with 8:45pm games one or more weeks. Luckily, next week we have the 6:30pm slot.

I spotted the bright pink shirts of one team, and recalled to the team about how Peter had that color shirt last year. He had me laughing talking about what would happen if you stayed over at a girl's house after a kickball game in a bright pink kickball shirt. Do you turn it inside out or just own the morning after walk? One of the guys in the pink shirt asked me what I'd just said, so I re asked the hypothetical question. He responded that his whole team had requested that color. Then he showed me his matching pink bobby socks. Turns out he was gay, so the real question would be if you stayed at a guys house I guess. Sorry Peter.

We walked to the field in the cold and started the game. The other team was very competitive. The Master was yelling out orders like a castrated army officer. Suave, who'd come to watch and cheer, "I'd be scared to play on the Master's team. She's tough." Who knew?

We lost by one point and then some of us headed back to the bar. I just wanted to see what the bar scene was like at 9:30pm for future reference after later games. Everyone was already pretty drunk and four members of the dark green team (it's confusing- there are 3 green teams- light green, evergreen, and dark green) were dancing on a bench downstairs. For no apparent reason, one of the girls stripped off her shirt. "OMG! Did we just see a bra? Already?" "At least it was a lace, satin thing."

Yeah, this is going to be one interesting sociology experiment. I gotta remember to wear cute bras, ya know, just in case...


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