Friday, March 30, 2007

How Not to Wear a Pucci Scarf to a Pool Hall.

If you will let me be, I will try them. You will see.

Suave convinced us all to buy $36 tickets to go to Latin Dreams last night at K Street Lounge to support our friend on the planning committee and to help save Columbian refugees. Not that I know any refugees personally, but my contribution was drinking margaritas.
Then Suave got sick and couldn't come. CM was her substitute for the night. The evening can be summarized in the following gChat this morning:

Suave: How was the event?
Sam: A Yawn.
Suave: did i miss anything?
Sam: Nah. The blogger hh was more fun. Though I had several margaritas in me by that point. Not a good idea. The Pea and I met a bunch of unattractive men on expense accounts who bought us drinks. No need to owe them anything in return, although I might have to buy some mutual funds. They taught us to play shuffle board. Shuffle board was $20 an hour at Buffalo Billiards! It was fun though. One of the bloggers at the happy hour asked one of the expense account guys if he had hair plugs. He wasn't happy. It made me laugh. I thought he had hair plugs too!
Suave: Um, fun? So I missed nothing then.
Sam: Yeah, pretty much nothing but a horrible hangover.

Sitting on the couch eyeing the crowd with my toothpaste tasting mohito at K Street Lounge(good thing it was open bar, because blah, that was disgusting!), I leaned over to the Pea and SF. "Okay, spot the Glamour Don't in this crowd. I'm such a bitch. You know the karma of me saying this is going to be a bunch of people asking why I'm wearing a Pucci scarf around my neck like it's 1952."
The Pea, "Holy shit! That dress is terrible. Cute print, but does she have it hiked up? I can see her butt! OMG, she's bending over. OMG, we are actually seeing her butt. That's ridiculous!"

I had to get a picture. I pretended to be taking a picture of CM. Here's the blossoming, too short, out of season, butt-showing dress option. I guess in a pick up scene one must show their assets. I don't think this picture does the fashion Don't justice.

Admission to K Street got you a raffle ticket. You put the raffle ticket in your choice of 4 different packages. The options: A Romance Package with a hotel room and fancy dinner, A sports package with front row tickets to a Caps game and dinner at Clyde's, A Starting Over Package with a year of Jdate membership and dinner (okay, pretty embarrassing to win that one), or A New You Package with Laser Hair Removal (even more embarrassing! Even if I needed it, which I don't, damned if I want everyone at the bar to know about that!)

We left at 9pm right when the open bar concluded and head to i-66's blogger happy hour. I realized a little too late into the evening that I had a scarf around my neck. Not really proper pool hall attire (well nor was my satin pleated skirt and stilettos, but anyways). I immediately took it off and tied it on the handle of purse a la Miranda Priestly. That was probably even more pretentious now that I think about it. I hope no one noticed.

i-66's only got one more of these functions to host. I've already mentioned my anxiety over attending anything blogger, but I love i-66, and he was hanging in the District, so it was worth it. Besides, I was curious. Not that I talked to anyone who I didn't already know, but I did force myself to hover near the group. Baby steps. I say that like I'm going to more in the future. Probably not. We'll see. I make many social gathering promises I don't keep (um, I was at Rumor's last week and Chief Ikes the weekend before).

"I haven't kept up my blog roll well tonight," i-66 remarked. "Yeah, I'm not here." He laughed, "I knew that before you said it."

Drunken me also didn't think about how my talking to the expense account boys must have looked. Like I'd ever go home with a guy that looks like he has hair plugs. But, I wasn't teasing him either, honestly. I don't think. This is the group that was reading Jessica Cuttler before Wonkette picked her up. Yeah, note to self, not a good idea.

I stayed out till midnight. I'm hungover and flying to Bama tonight for the weekend. Woohoo!


  • At March 30, 2007, Blogger roni said…

    haha love the Glamour don't. I had a full dress with that same material in middle school. Thought I was cool until I saw that picture and realised the error of my ways.

  • At March 30, 2007, Blogger I-66 said…

    Aww.. I feel so loved.

    It was good to see ya last night, as always :)

  • At March 30, 2007, Blogger GreenEggsSamDC said…

    Roni: The pattern would have been fine had their been more of it. Someone built the dress out instead of down. It was weird. Bad.

    i-66: You are loved=)


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