Thursday, April 05, 2007


Crossroads, seem to come and go, yeah. The gypsy flies from coast to coast. Knowing many, loving none. Bearing sorrow having fun. But back home he'll always run.

Things I can control: my weight, my skin, my health, my work, keeping my closet clean, my time, the dent in the side of my car I postponed fixing since last April...

Things I can, but probably shouldn't, control: my emotions, my curly hair, my trust in others, my ability to tune out the entire world and paint...

Things I wish I could control: the weather, my relationships, my friendships, my PMSing, my hunger, my sinuses, other drivers on the road, the cost of housing, the number of people trying to get on a metro, sales on Diet Pepsi at Safeway, etc.

Last night, this gypsy met Vive at her apartment in Cleveland Park for a long walk all the way down to the Dupont area and then for dinner at Luna Grill.

"I want to do something aerobic," I've been declaring to most of my friends. I'm going to step class tonight with Suave. Trying kickboxing next weekend with Ari and body sculpting this weekend with Kate maybe.

gChat with Peter yesterday:

Sam: So what activity can you and i do that's aerobic? Are there batting cages anywhere or wanna go to a driving range?
Peter: Batting cages and driving golf balls are not aerobic.
Sam: Well, they're activities that don't involve alcohol. Fine, what else could we do? Tennis?
Peter: You don't play any of these sports!
Sam: I could play all of these sports if I wanted to.
Peter: Not well =P
Sam: You're not being very encouraging.
Peter: If you want an aerobic activity, there's an ancient eastern tradition that has been passed down for centuries and is supposed to be a really good cardio workout that I heard of....
Sam: Oh yeah?
Peter: It's called running.
Sam: Thanks for the support.


  • At April 06, 2007, Blogger LJ said…

    Hey I'm with you... I'm on a cardio kick as well! It's energizing... not draining like a night out is. Taxing on the body instead in a good way!


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