Friday, March 23, 2007

Drinkin' for a cause.

I'd drink anyways, so it's nice to be able to drink for a cause. Lately, there have been plenty of alcohol-related charity events. I'm a fan.

We went to Rumors last night to help the disadvantaged job seekers of Alexandria and Arlington through Put Your Best Foot Forward. Tons of people attended.

I remembered why I hate Rumors though. Everytime I've been (only because I've been made to go for a birthday party or mandatory social gathering), I've come drunk and then been forced to wait for hours at the bars (there's 2, why the issue???) to get a drink. As I wait, my buzz wears off, and I'm stuck jam-packed in a gross bar with a bunch of people under 21. Luckily last night wasn't too bad. Though, I did have to strategically finish drinks around the time a guy friend did or the pregnant bartender would overlook me repeatedly. Peter called me out for tinking him one time. I explained that proper non-cock blocking decorum gets tossed out the door when someone's in need of an alcohol refill.

I forwarded one of the Lost Boy's emails about the event.

Not sure who's on this email list already, but for those who didn't get this, here's the change of venue info for Thursday night's charity hh. LB is copied if you have questions (and LB, you know I like you b/c I'm going to Rumors).


He responded back.


There are all different levels of sacrifice in this world and their significance is relative – I know this is a big one for you so thanks.

Me back:

I think going to Rumors is totally my ticket into heaven... up there with being a martyr or a Priest or whatever else.

Him today:

You had a good time, admit it.

Next Thursday, the Young Leaders of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (mission of rescue, reunion, and resettlement of migrants) is throwing a Latin Dreams party to benefit Colombian refugees. $36 before March 26th or $45 at the door. You get 2 hours of open bar, food, salsa lessons, a DJ, and raffle tickets. A friend is on the Steering Committee, so we're all going. I'll drink to saving migrants. It's a huge sacrifice, but really why not? I'm a martyr after all! Tehe.

This guy was at the bar last night (the other tall guy from the weekend I first met the Giant). I dodged him. Not that he'd rememember my name, but, ya know, just in case.

Oh, and the poor Colonel. He's new to being written about on this blog. His buddies, our mutual friends, kept teasing him, "How you doin' Mr. Manners?" Hey, worse things I could write. No?


  • At March 23, 2007, Blogger I-66 said…

    Reading "We went to Rumors last night" was enough to make me audibly gasp.

    And now I have the hiccups.

  • At March 23, 2007, Blogger GreenEggsSamDC said…

    I know! I was totally there in a dress I got from Saks drinkin' top shelf drinks that weren't on special. Are the hiccups gone yet?


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