Thursday, May 03, 2007

Poor Taste

Um, how come I'm the only one who thinks this is in poor taste? It's enough to make a girl buy Emily Post books for everyone.

My ex is dating my close friend's roommate, as you know. My close friend and I are co-organizing a group to go to Jazz on Jackson tonight. I've been avoiding her roommate like a clogged artery avoids steak. This is mainly because I know my own limits. I am not cool with hanging out with this person. It's nothing against her. I just hate being reminded of APK. Simple.

Does anyone else think it's in poor taste for her to be coming tonight? To an event I'm co-organizing? I mean, who wants to be in a situation where someone is clearly going to ignore you and avoid you?

Poor taste.


  • At May 05, 2007, Blogger GreenEggsSamDC said…

    If you don't want to read what's on this blog, don't read it. I write it for my friends and self. It's my world as it occurs slightly filtered, but meant to be entertaining for people. The end.

    I think it's particularly childish for exs and exs new girlfriends to be reading it and commenting anonymously. In poor taste, as well.

    Good friends should have stepped in and discussed the discomfort in the situation. I do not want APK or anything to do with him in my life ever. That includes people he's dating. Simple. It has nothing to do with residual feelings for him. In fact, it has way more to do with hatred towards him and not wanting that sort of person even remotely connected to me and my world. I don't need negative energy in my life. I deserve to keep it out.

    I stand by my original decision to post this on my blog. I stand by my original opinion that any person with class would not want to attend the guy they're dating's ex's event. It's weird. Who does that? If she thinks about it, why would she want to be in a situation where a bunch of my friends are going to be looking at her wondering why she's dating a guy who was such a shithead to me. Stupid. She probably needs to find people her own age to hang out with. And APK should just go away. Far away.

    I was not aware she was reading this blog. I still don't understand why the hell she would. She's dating my ex. Again, she's probably got issues.

    Stop commenting anonymously. If you have something to say, say it.


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