Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Team Cuttler Guys Don't Stop After One Position

We made signs last night to haze Girls on Top, especially their pitcher and our friend.
Signs included: "Cuttler Girls like their Guys on Top." "[The pitcher] knows much about striking out!", "[The pitcher] says: now that she's on top, I should learn to pitch!" and many more.

As I was getting up to kick, I looked at the Mack and the Master, "so you realize I'm like a guaranteed out, right?" My pitcher friend pitched me a really easy pitch, which I proceeded to kick not so well directly to my other friend on third base who has a sore arm and tossed it to first to get me out. Yeah. I suck at kickball. At least I show leg.

I went to Arlington to buy us all soccer socks on Monday evening. I was wearing short soffee shorts for the first time since college, and the socks made me look like I was channeling Suzanne Somers in Three's Company. In our newly purchased soccer socks (white with blue stripes), we figured, if we can't win, let's be obnoxious.

As far as being obnoxious, there wasn't much we could do to annoy Girls on Top. Reportedly, last week, some guy on E=MC Hammered (the orange team) called a girl on their team an ugly ho.

At Adams Mill after the game, the Mack took defending the girl into her own hands (we were told to hate that team). In her own words- "I punched some guy on the orange team in the stomach hard. 4 oranges were in a circle talking to KK. I walked up, and one dude goes to me, out of the blue, 'what sign are you.' I walk up to him and go 'Sagittarius. I'm also a\nred-head.' Then I punched him. 'We are feisty.' And then I walked away. The rest of the night all the guys in orange shirts were holding their balls when I walked by. "

We didn't have enough teammates to handle an official match of flip cup, and I was seriously against the idea of playing. Unsanitary and I don't drink beer. Good reasons, no? We drank entirely too much, and I walked to the metro with my friend from GOT.

In other news, some quotes from the night enjoyed.

HK, looking at the orange and brown teams playing on the field across from ours: "It looks like shit is playing on that side."

The Master putting me in left field: "I'm putting NC there too. Not that I don't think you'll catch the ball. But, just so that, ya know, he can catch the ball."


  • At May 02, 2007, Blogger LJ said…

    Oh my soffee shorts!! I still have mine too - one even complete with sorority letters. You guys should have won for the soffee factor.

    And way to be sanitary... clearly very important.


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