Wednesday, April 25, 2007

We couldn't hate them because they were beautiful.

Though completely not into us.

Last night, Team Cuttler Plays the Field took on the pink team. The hottest guys in kickball hands down. Groomed, tan, and toned hotties. Completely gay. Damn the man.

I met the Master in Dupont and headed over to the field in shorts. Even in athletic shorts, I still look like a Soccer Mom. I'm just more the type to bring cupcakes and Kool-aid on I guess.

We lost by 1 point to the guys. I blame it on prohibitted alcohol in coffee cups (thanks to the Master on that one) and being blinded by the sun's glare bouncing off the thighs of the pink guys. Earlier, one of the changed into his tight black shorts right on the field. He was wearing pink briefs. I think we should have a "Men of the Pink Team WAKA Adams Morgan" calendar. That'd be hot.

We headed to the bar after a pit stop at Eye's for some freshening. The Mack and I proceeded to drink entirely too much and scout out the men. She settled on a guy with vintage Converse hightops. We now refer to him as hightop or Marty McFly, depending on if he's around or not. I decided the green team was fun, and spent the evening hanging with them until it was suddenly 1am and I was dining on french fries at Amsterdam Falafel. E-mail this morning to my friend on the green team:

From: Sam

Date: Apr 25, 2007 8:50 AM

Subject: Apologies, let the record show, I will be eating dinner before kickball from now on-To:

And, for no apparent reason, I was up at 6am and am now at work.

So, sorry for anything I said about 10:30pm onward. Don't hold it against me.

Response back:

Don't remember you saying anything that was too offensive...
You were a rock star last night! And not a lush!

So, I suppose that's a good thing.

I'm currently drinking a 20oz Red Bull. Work on Wednesday is so not a good thing during kickball season. Me to the Mack this morning: "Kickball is so scandalous! We must play again next year!"

I think pigs just took flight.


  • At April 25, 2007, Blogger I-66 said…

    Not that you're inordinately short or anything, but you look really tall there.

    And seriously? Red bull tastes like piss.

  • At April 25, 2007, Blogger GreenEggsSamDC said…

    Yeah, welcome to my life. They're both like five feet tall. I'm only 5 foot 7, but yeah, nothing like a couple of short girls to make me look like the Jolly Green Giant.


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