Friday, June 22, 2007

Let the weekend begin.

from: the Mack
to: Lisa (that's formally CE, but since we now know she dated a computer dork. She gets a name based on the hot chick created by Anthony Michael Hall in
Weird Science), Franky
date: Jun 22, 2007 1:43 PM
subject: Fwd: Starboard Update!!

lisa- i don't know if you subscribe... but i do... DEWEY BALLER....

check out the fun stuff going on at starboard tomorrow!!! PIG ROAST! holler!!

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Jun 22, 2007 1:36 PM
Subject: Starboard Update!!

June 22nd, 2007 - THIS WEEKEND!

Obviously you will start your day off right here with our incredible breakfast, and a Bloody Mary, Mimosa, Red Bull, or whatever you need to revitalize yourself! Some of you will head to the beach with the beautiful weather, while the rest of you will not even think of bringing a beach chair, as your day will be spent right here with us on our deck! As I always say, Protect your Skin, Not your Liver... spend your daytime at The Starboard!
COORS LIGHT wants to thank all of you that come to Dewey Beach for the Weekends by giving the first 400 of you tomorrow a Gift Bag from Coors Light and The Starboard! At 1pm Saturday, their promotional girls will be here to distribute to all of you that are here drinking Coors Light the gift bag, which is just another great souvenir from your summer of 2007 here in Dewey Beach! Coors Light has helped us purchase a beautiful new smoker/grill that is out in our parking lot to do Saturday afternoon PIG ROASTS!! So beginning tomorrow, you can stop in for some extremely Fresh Pulled Pork BBQ from right out front on our new grill! Could be just the thing to hit the spot when you leave the beach!
Saturday night, DJ Smoky is here and with No Cover charge ever here, the crowds will be huge, and the lines will be long for sure! So get showered up after Jam Session or whatever, and get back here quickly for the best Saturday night spot in Dewey!

We have seen it all here on our Dewey Summer Weekends, Sun, Cold, Wind, Rain, Hurricanes,etc... but this weekend looks to be about as PERFECT a forecast we can get. SUNNY, SUNNY, and SUNNY! Luckily for you, The Starboard is SPF 1000, so you are safe to spend your day in our Air Conditioning! Ha!

TIME TO HIT DEWEY BEACH for the weekend, we are all stocked, ready and waiting here at The Starboard!!
Drive Safely!

from: Franky

This jewish girl loves her piggies! Can't wait to eat them while laying in a blanket on the beach! Mack, I will bring my IU one if you promise not to lose it!

Sooo psyched!!

from: The Mack

hahaha.. wow. i just laughed out loud, and i was on phone when i read this!

pigs in a blanket.ha. damn.

from: Sam

the trojan commercial comes to mind...

from: Franky

hahaha that commercial is on the home page of myspace. I think of you Sam everytime I see it.

uh you know what I mean...

from: The Mack

yea... i notcied it was on myspace too.
i'm just so NOT offended by that commercial... i think its very clever and funny!!

lisa- wanna walk over to my place like 715 or so and ill drive us to ballston.
sam- whats yours and district belle's plan for tonight [for the Legwarmer's concert]?

from: Sam

leaving my place like 7:15-7:30ish and heading down to the pre-party. So, guess all meet there?

from: the Mack

yea. i can fit us all in car. and i think kk is coming over and then will drive to ballston... so lisa we got you covered with car options. everyone better be dressed up tho! i may need to adjust my outfit at the pre-party when i get more accessories from peeps.

oh, i had AR go out today and buy us all ring pops!!! sooo cool, right!

from: Lisa

Haha awesome! I need to leave work early and get my outfit together- I have no idea what I am wearing!! I just emailed my roommate to see if she can be ready by 7:15 and who will be coming. She is infamous for being late, so I don’t want to hold you back- I’ll let you know her deal when she gets back to me. KK is driving too? or just leaving her car in ballston?

from: Sam

Random question not associated with tonight, but sorta associated (my hairs curly for tonight, clearly more 80s). Tomorrow night, if I want to straighten before we go out, what is the primping situation at the house? Should I buy a little stand up mirror?

from: Lisa

There is a “girls only” bathroom and a few mirrors in random rooms (plus 2 other bathrooms with mirrors). You should be okay finding a mirror to straighten your hair….i had no problem last time.

from: Sam

okay. awesome! i'm so HM [high maintenance for the chickish abbreviation oblivious] sometime!

from: the Mack

oh, when it come to hair. i am totally HM. i'm bring hair dryer. straightener. products.
its on!

from: Sam

oh cool. can i use your hair dryer? i'm bringing my straightening iron though, simultaneous straightening to be done.

from: the Mack

done. i don't need a mirror.... i'm that skilled in the art of straightening!

oh, i got a deck of cards too.. yes, unrelated to hair care maintenance.

Perhaps Pitch was right earlier when he decided not to come with us to the Legwarmer's tonight because it might be too many chicks. He declared:

I haven't found something better...I just don't want to impose on your girly group tonight...I might end up waking up saturday morning with breasts.

don't want that.


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