Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Caps vs. Bruins

Met JM last night for the NHL Washington Capitals vs. the Boston Bruins at the MCI Center in Chinatown. Bruins won. JM's from Boston. He was happy. I've got no allegiance. Although, less fighting in hockey makes for a less exciting game. Zero tolerance sucks for the fans.

I met JM off the Red Line. The Caps have a great group ticket deal for their "Eagles Nest"... the nosebleed section... seems you can get 1 ticket for $10 or 4 tickets for $20. JM and I decided to go with the 4 tickets and text message some of his friends to see if anyone was up for the game. Happily, JK was able to make it. I love her. She's the cutest thing on the planet. Truly. We ate a kind of crap dinner at Szechuan Gallery on H Street. Mainly because the Mongolian restaurant next door had all you could eat for $15.99 and neither of us was too hungry.

The game was interesting enough. It was JK's first hockey game. As JM put it, hockey is strange in that it's dramatic for a split second and then not so fascinating for another hour... and it ends anti-climactic. Killer moment was when there were 3 minutes left in the game with the Caps at 2 goals and the Bruins at 3. Puck flies off the goal post which sucks for the Caps. Of course, it was almost 10. We were okay with the game not being tied... another change in the NHL rules. Damnit. I saw NO blood. No blood at a hockey game. Come on people.


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