Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunny Weekend Review

Went to my Shabbat Cluster dinner #2 on Friday night at Woody's place. My lasagna worked out just fine. IH made a wonderful dessert called Monkey Bread. So yummy. After dinner, I went to Chi Cha Lounge with Jeff and Woody. We ran into BG, the girl he's hooking up with, and one of his friends. So here's how DC works...

BG and Woody went on an International exchange program together in college.
BG and I went to high school together.
Woody and Jeff went to high school together.
I'm cousins with Jeff.
Woody went to college with BG's two friends.

Ain't that incestuous.

Stayed at Woody's for the first time. Quite nice. We woke up early Saturday and went to Synagogue at Adas Israel. I liked the service, but I'm not sure if I want to join Adas or DC Minyan yet. Younger DC Jews seem to go to DC Minyan. It holds religious services, with men and women sitting separately, at the JCC. At dinner, I heard the most appalling story ever. Apparently Orthodox Rabbi's are required by tradition to put a babies you-know-what in their mouth after performing a circumcision and babies have been dying of herpes. Check it out for yourself. Jeff: "Well, it only takes one dirty baby." Oy.

I went out last night with BG and Kate to Kate's boyfriend's party in Georgetown. Two Cranberry Stoli and Sprites (remarkably good) and I was officially tipsy. BG and I left around midnight and headed to a party at Saint Ex. Male bartenders are such a good thing. Took me a record 3 minutes in a packed bar to get a drink. We danced the rest of the night to Sean Paul and Earth, Wind, and Fire. Quite fun.

Today, I've been a bit of a waste case. I went and got throw pillows and picture frames for Kate's birthday... I'm adding some finishing touches to her room so she can feel more at home. About to go to Arlington to meet a friend from Bama and her husband at the Carlyle Grand Cafe for dinner. Lots of pressure to bring some with me, but unfortunately, I got no one to bring. Honestly, I think the couples care more than I do. I'm comfortable being third wheel.

And that's all. Tomorrow night, I'm going to a hockey game with JM. Then Tuesday, I look forward to sleeping. I am really tired. But I'm having fun.


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