Friday, January 20, 2006

Who knew Bama's history and architecture could fill an entire book? I just borrowed The Alabama Catalogue: A Guide to the Early Architecture of the State from someone in my office. I'm interested to see how we've influenced America other than Harley Davidsons, BBQ, obesity in America, and by bringing the National Average of children going to college down a couple notches. It is quite a beautiful state. Mind you, there's so little population to fill up the immense state land that we probably have a better ability to save old homes and history. Plus, with Dixie flags all too common on everything from bumper stickers to clothing, I suppose it keeps the focus on making sure the South will indeed rise again.

Last night SG and I went to Habana Village on Columbia Rd. for some mojitos and cuban food. The fried yucca was divine. IH came and met us afterwards and ordered the most interesting take on a burger I'd ever seen. It was basically a chicken friend steak slapped between a baguette. I left around 9:30pm and popped into BG's to sober up a bit before walking home. This was apparently a grand idea, seeing as the 10 minute walk home was much easier than the 2 minute walk to his apartment from Habana Village. Always a bad sign when walking is difficult. Probably not at your best health.

Tonight I've got my Shabbat Cluster at Woody's. It's a bit strange that the first time I'm seeing his pad will be with 9 other people. My cousin is coming too, so it should be a fun time. I only hope my lasagna isn't so horrid that a starving cluster is forced to eat each other. Okay, it's so Friday and my mind is so not working properly. I better get myself to work before I start fading.


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