Monday, January 16, 2006

I fell madly, deeply in love this weekend. I can't stop my mind from obsessing over what outfit compliments my love, where I can take my love, how people will perceive my love. Of course though, I am talking about my first pair of Ferragamo shoes. Bought on sale at Saks in Chevy Chase. They were so lovely, so comfortable, so simple and classic. I love them. I really really really love them. Funny enough, I had a severe hangover from an alcohol-filled Saturday night with AW in town. I had taken just about every medicine in my house with no luck of headache redemption. But when I tried on the shoes, my headache disappeared. The cliche is right, love is the answer to everything.

I was in need of serious sleep Friday night, so my weekend began on Saturday. SG and I went shopping on U Street and in Adams Morgan. I found a 70s orange suede vintage vest and cable-knit cape at Nana on U Street. Nana's got one impressive collection of Wrangler jeans. I need to dedicate a couple of hours to trying on the different styles.

AW came in from NYC later in the afternoon via the Chinatown bus. We went to dinner at the wonderful Nooshi. I finally found a good, fried, cheap Pad Thai in DC. In New York, I was obsessed with Isle, a little-known Thai restaurant next to John's Pizza on Bleeker Street. My home away from home in NYC. Except I'm not Thai, whatever, you get the point. Anyways, I've found my Isle off the Island... and I am excited. I might bring my shoes there sometime. I think they'd like it.

After dinner, we met up with my childhood friend from Bama and her friends at Gazuza. On my second visit to DC's try at a trendy hooka bar, I'd say it's much better minus the scummy bad date.

We went to DC 9 afterwards, and yes I realize we were officially bar hopping. A glorious band called Hello Tokyo was playing. Pop. Fun. Good. Really good. The scene was apparently tres Indie rock. Unfortunately, my eyes only saw out-dated Betty Page haircuts and lots of girls wearing ties. I must have missed the boat on understanding that scene. AW and Kate seem much more accepting.

We night-capped at the Tabard Inn. Sketchy bunch of people leftover at that place around 1am. Won't be dropping in there late-night again anytime soon.

Sunday was a day of vintage shopping on U Street. Meeps hosted our oooohs and ahhhhs and helped AW look like a couture 50s diva in a grey swing coat purchased admist little doubt. Kate returned from the UK, and we all ventured out in the bitter cold to try Busboys and Poets on V Street. 3 men in news boy caps (apparently the beret of today's poetry set), slow service, good wine, and great pizza pretty much summed up the evening. The restaurant is comfortable with it's schizophrania... deems itself as a restaurant/ internet cafe/ bookstore/ performance space/ bar.

This morning I found a hobby. No easy task to narrow down the field of things I can do in my freetime besides play a computer-version of Scrabble. I will be beading. I even bough the flat-head plyers. The experience was less stressful than I anticipated. Beadazzled had several wonderful trained beaders working behind the counters, and they offered me a super-easy pamphlet, bead board, and guidance on everything from cording to clasps. I'll let you know if I'm actually any good at this hobby... I'm just excited I've found a hobby and true love all in one weekend.

And that's all. Great weekend. Sad to see AW go. Good friends only come along once in a while, and if I've learned one thing from the past couple of months, that's perfectly okay... since they stay with you throughout each chapter of your life.


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