Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My horoscope today:

The truly important things in this life have absolutely nothing to do with work, money or how nice your car or house is. It's time to start paying attention to the things that matter rather than giving them lip service.

Wow, I just spoke to the nastiest person on earth. What becomes of people engulfed in anger? AW and I were discussing this during the weekend. I guess I just have to believe that they will eventually get what is coming to them. Like this horrible woman I used to work with at the magazine. She was the most evil and manipulative person I've ever met. Seriously, when she walked in the room, everyone in the room became tense and agitated. And yet, her career was blossoming, she got engaged in Paris, honeymooned in Europe and the guy was wealthy. So where does it eat her up, the karma I mean, and when does she get what's supposed to be coming to her? She certainly offsets the balance of fairplay in the world. I imagine that perhaps my horoscope is right. Perhaps work, money, and a successful partner are what she has, but perhaps for her the important things in her life suck... like her friendships and her heart. Okay, no more dwelling. She sucks. Move on.

So BG came over last night for some cheese and Whole Foods hot bar dinner. It was relaxing and nice. If 90210 had been on and we'd not had the whole hooking-up thing a couple of months ago, I could have sworn we were back in High School again. He's hooking up with some friend of a friend who seems like a good person for him right now. He thinks he wants a relationship, but I think differently. So it's probably best that he's not hooking up with someone he can hurt badly, especially since no one is ever good enough right now... a good sign that he's not ready for commitment. JM, on the other hand, is in a mega-married relationship suddenly. Although, I'm actually quite proud of him and impressed by the maturity he shows when getting involved with someone. Who knew he could be such boyfriend material.

Today I'm going to meet someone from the JCC to discuss which committees I should join. I love this chapter of my life so far. I'm going to try to join another group which is known for auctions and high-brow volunteering too. New chapter, new me, I missed being so involved.

Tonight I'm off to Eyebar to meet Woody's crew for happy hour. I'm a bit nervous. I hope bar Woody is as endearing as over-dinner Woody. We'll see.


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