Thursday, January 19, 2006

Eye for an Eye

Went to Eyebar last night to meet Woody for a Jewish Happy Hour. Trendy place. Industrial design with wall art I didn't understand and lanterns that looked like they were purchased from Pearl River Mart on Canal Street. So trendy, in fact, the drinks were served at New York prices even during Happy Hour. My Raspberry Stoli and Sprite was $7.00.

I ran into BG's friend S. Very luckily actually. I saw her first during an awkward conversation with someone Woody knew who remembered me from a Young Judea trip to Israel in 1996. I was 16. I was opposed to clothing in general, favoring mini-skirts and slutty tops. Hell, my boobs were only about a year old at that point, cellulite was Japanese to me, and 30 sounded like old age. So great, here I am feeling the need to justify that all the boys in her group were much much hotter than the ones in mine. My group actually left me her group in the end-of-program Will. Fabulous. So S saved me from that conversation and then later on while I was being asked "What's your life story?" by some guy who resembled Dr. Evil. She works right near me. I must take her to lunch.

After the Happy Hour, we came back to my place and ordered yummy thin crust pizza from Alberto's... 1 hour for delivery or 15 minutes to pick-up. Not sure how that works out. According to Kate and Dan, there's one guy on a bike only. Might not have the motivation to go pick it up always. Pizza Hut it is, I suppose.

Prior to meeting Woody, I put together my veggie lasagna for our Shabbat Cluster on Friday night. I'm saying put together because I have no idea what it may taste like. I'm from the South. I love meat. I cook with meat. Veggie doesn't make sense to me in the kitchen. So basically, I pulled together about 12 different recipes. I didn't even know how long to cook the damn thing. My mother had to google search to find out an "average". I don't make a very good Jew.

Tonight, I am meeting SG for drinks at an opening for Nana on U Street. Then we're eating at Habana Village in Adams Morgan. Free Alcohol and Fried Yucca. My sort of night.


  • At January 20, 2006, Blogger Angelina said…

    the key to a good veggie lasagna? just cut up a bunch of veggies, pour some newman's own on top, eh, voila!

    have fun new swing coat says hi!


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