Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I now own a new dresser thanks to a very sweet BG (who's back I am sure is now very hurt). I just have to motivate myself to put it together AND dispose of the old one. At least we're having people over for Kate's birthday on Saturday. The last thing I'd want anyone to think of me was that I was slovenly.

SG and I are planning on going to this event on Thursday forwarded by JK. I had to write an extremely self-important e-mail to the RSVP address at the PR firm. I laughed alloud while writing this e-mail, well actually, mainly through "Tehe" e-mail forwards to my friends of the e-mail and variations of the e-mail. The final product went as such (from my work address no less):

I would like to RSVP to Thursday's event on behalf of myself, Sam, and for SG of Company. Several of our colleagues and friends will be in attendance and have asked that we accompany them to the event.


Oh yeah. So probably didn't need to be THAT self-important... but anyways... no bounceback e-mail as of yet. Turns out the PR company does an event with my company that I actually will be organizing. Whatever, I'd still plan on going regardless. And it was kind of fun writing such a stupid freaking e-mail.

Possible variations:
Although I have absolutely NO reason for attending your event on Thursday, I would like to RSVP because I hear you'll have free alcohol and wine. Thanks.

I'm hot. My friend SG is hot. We'd like to come to your event. I blog, but I'm not slutty, so no worries about this becoming a novel or anything. I don't really like dirty old politicians anyways.

I work for the FBI and have assumed a fake position in Washington at Company. I'm also pretending to be a lesbian. I'd like to RSVP for Thursday and will be bringing my lover. We use the same first name to confuse anyone who might want to kill us.

Okay, see I could totally be building my dresser now.


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