Monday, May 15, 2006

White Trash and Tahiti

SC and I dressed as slutty as our wardrobes would allow on Friday night for a White Trash-themed party. Boone's in a gazillion flavors, Southern music, and a host dressed like Kevin Federline made it an interesting evening. The phone call pre-party to SC at 7pm went:

Me: "Do I really have to dress up for tonight? I guess if I go not dressed up and someone thinks I'm dressed up, that would suck."
SC: "Yes. You should totally dress up. We're all dressing up."
Me: "Does that mean I can't wear my diamond studs? Should I just wear a jean skirt and white wife-beater"
SC: "No on the diamond studs. Yes, you can wear that but you need to wear a black bra underneath it."
Me: "It's pretty see-through as is."
SC: "Okay, well just make sure you jack your boobs up as high as they can go."
Me: "With you and I, that could poke our eyes up."

Then, SG (who was over to help me make candy seashells for my party Saturday) and I tried really hard to figure out which of my wardrobe items looked like they were white trash. After trying on my roommate's pink plastic earrings, I decided that white trash= people stuck in the 80s.

I ended up in a decent outfit.... SC wore an Ann Taylor jean skirt. The fattest girls at the party ended up dancing on a table. I suppose that's the way it goes in trashy circles.

Saturday, Kate and I set up for the party all day. Raffia covered the pictures and doors... my bed went in Kate's room to allow for a Tahitian lounge in my room complete with Jacque Cousteau's exploration of Tahiti on video and bamboo fabric all over the dressers and end tables. The two of us also managed to lift a 160 pound keg... which we were both rather impressed by...

I had to buy a crockpot and double-burner stovetop grill in case it rained, which of course it didn't... could have used the barbecue afterwards. The polynesian turkey burgers (ground turkey, brown sugar, apple cidar vinegar, onion soup mix on a kaiser roll with a pineapple slice) were a huge favorite. The polynesian punch (grapefruit juice, pineapple juice, orange juice, sprite, and vodka) was gone in an hour. People loved the make-you-own pina colada set-up with the blender out. Also, the cheese, chocolate, chips, jello shots, french cookies, and the keg were gone. Not so favorable food? The polynesian stew... although late-night people were eating it... (turkey kielbasa, northern beans, chopped tomatoes, garlic, chicken broth, peppers).

As far as my decorations went, people ate the candy seashells... wore the flower hair clips, used the polynesian hula dancer straws, finished the hibsicus plastic cups, managed to get drunk enough to apply the hibiscus tattoos to their foreheads.... all that one can hope for from a french polynesian themed party... the only thing that didn't take off too well? the paint your own suncatcher station. Some people ended up using the paint as body paint.

Kate passed out on the couch. I was in recovery all day yesterday. One of Kate's friends hooked up in her bedroom. My cousin and a girl from my Shabbat Cluster (who I was sure was the girl for him the first time I met her) talked a lot. Flip cup finished off the evening for many...

Not sure it was up to my expectations completely, but then again, I have high expectations for everything I do... Type A personality that I am.


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