Monday, May 08, 2006


I just rediscovered I own a Shutterfly account. I have about 12 albums on it. My dad likes to load up pictures that way to share. Anyways, here are some of the better pics I just found.

This was my first apartment after college. I lived by myself and was single when I first moved in. The kitchen was a wall in the den with no counter space. The S on the wall was a reference to the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I'm a single woman hear me roar sort of thinking. I gave it away when I moved in with my ex, regrettably, and bought a new one for my bedroom in DC.

This was by far the creepiest puppet show I've ever seen. It was performed by Pops Puppets in the suburbs of Harrisburg, PA. Puppeteering, in general, is freaky. It's basically adults who aren't pretty enough to act playing with dolls.

I don't eat oysters, but I'm told the best ones are found at Wintzell's in Mobile. I'm a fan for two reasons- It's been around for decades, and they have quotes all over the wall to prove that theory. AND. There's pecan pie on the menu.
From their website:
After more than 10 years of research, it has been discovered that the best way to open Oysters is to get them DRUNK.Like us, Oysters can get tipsy: then their muscles relax and they open their shells. There will soon be on the market a tablet that, when dropped in water on your unsuspecting oysters, will carbonate the water & have the oysters feeling pleasantly relaxed & open in 5 min. It's mere carbonated water that makes an oysters head go round.

The one and only time I've ever won money on a lottery ticket. It was on my way to Mount Snow, Vermont. I won $4. It was my 24th birthday.

I can't believe I let someone take a picture of me like this! I totally underestimated that the top of a mountain might be colder than the bottom... thus, I ended up having to put socks on my hands and wrap up my ears with a t-shirt. Such a Glamour Don't.

And last, me as Wonder Woman. I wore the actual bathing suit version of the costume in college back when I weighed 5 pounds. This was my adult version of the costume on the last Halloween I dressed up for- 2 years ago. I seem to have Wonder Woman and Rocky a bit mixed up.


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