Monday, May 08, 2006


Sucks it's a Monday. A rainy Monday.

Friday night, I met IH, SG, and friends at Rosemary's Thyme for some margaritas. Walked by Lauriol Plaza where a line down 18th street had formed. I still don't get the appeal of that place. Went with BG when I visited last summer. Waited so long that I ended up not even wanting to drink the over-hyped swirl margaritas and only wanted a big, fat, greasy quesadilla. Could have hit Taco Bell for the very seem quality of food. IH's roomie was saying how much she missed being in her early twenties. Dressing up in half shirts and half skirts and tall, cheap heals for a ladies night out. But those nights were never ever fun. Typically:

1 of your friends left early for a bootie call.
1 of your friends saw a guy she hooked up with at some point with his new girlfriend and spent the rest of the night in tears.
1 of your friends puked on a sidewalk.

And the night was never complete unless you'd met at least 3 guys for whom you gave your number and of which none ever called you again.

So I much prefer my mid-twenties. Staying in my work outfit but sliding on a pair of flip flops. Splitting a cheese and fruit platter amongst the table. Chatting about bosses, boys, and LSATs.
Going home relatively early to watch a movie with the guy your seeing and rest up for the next day of partying. Having a good time first and foremost.

Oh, and random bitching comment about Rosemary Thyme's, what's with giving crappy tortilla chips with the hummus platter? Who eats chips with hummus?

Saturday, went to a Kentucky Derby party then to Paolo's for dinner. Then to Q Bar for a chill evening.

Artwork in smokey Q Bar for sale for $500? Who's buying artwork for $500 in a bar? Maybe $200. Possibly $300. Not $500.


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