Friday, May 12, 2006

Tomorrow Tomorrow, You're Only a Day Away

Tomorrow's our party.

Our Tahitian-themed party.

It might rain. Good thing I bought that extra outdoor grill- d'oh- I have to go buy one of those stove top griddle/ grills today. Sucks to be me.

Why do I always feel the need to challenge myself? Couldn't I have picked a more traditional theme... anything... even "Oh Canada" might have been easier. Through the process, I have learned way too much about Tahiti.

First,potatoes are totally underrated. Taro root (used for Taro Chips) costs double the price for half the quantity. Plus, a cooked taro root is much more bland than a potato. Terra Chip has a Taro Root version that's not bad.

Tattoos are beautiful in Tahiti. Tahitian custom dictates that tattoos are applied ceremoniously at adolescence. I guess I'm not marrying any Tahitians... they can't be buried in a Jewish cemetery.

Raffia is a great way to decorate your home for a Tahitian party.

Since Tahiti is in the French Polynesian, the cuisine is a mixture of French and Polynesian cuisine- meaning, we can serve Brie, croissants, cassoulets, and pineapple.

Gauguin was really into Tahiti.

Lei's are really more a Hawaii Polynesian fashion statement. Tahititan's wear flower tiaras around their head. A single flower behind the right ear means your looking for a man. A flower behind your left ear means you've found someone. I'm debating wearing mine in the middle just for shits and giggles.

Some Tahitian vocabulary:

Maeva: Welcome

Iaorana: Hi, hello

Arofa: Bye

Manihini: guest

Fenua: Home land

Fare: House

Tamaaraa: A feast

Ma'a Tahiti: Tahitian feast, Tahitian cuisine

Inu: Drink

Momona: Sweets, desserts

Inu: Drink

Mauruuru: Thank you

Moana: Ocean, sea, blue color


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