Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Safeway vs. SFW

Last night I went to buy the following things from the Safeway in Georgetown:

1 Zucchini
1 Squash
40 plastic cups- Store brand
20 plastic plates- Store brand
3 packs of veggie hot dogs
4 cans of refrigerated biscuits- Store brand
1 plastic table cloth- Store brand
10 packets of KoolAid pink lemonade
3 disposable cake baking pans- Store brand

Since the Georgetown Safeway always has a 20 minute check-out line due to never having enough employees and the employees they do have taking HOURS to complete one transaction, I wasn't that stressed waiting for 15 minutes in the Express line.

I got up to the register finally and Tony at check-out rung up my items. $32.00. Then he tells me the credit/ debit machine isn't working. I tell him, I have a debit card that requires a pin number to complete the transaction. He asks if I have another card. I do, but HELLO it's the concept here. So I tell him that he either needed to put a sign up or move to a different register. He tells me to go to Customer Service. I tell him, No since there's no one there. He sends me to register 10. Still, no one there. Finally, he hands me my bags and sends me away. I think he was hoping I'd just leave the store without paying. I probably should have...

I walk to register 10, and look to the person in the open register 9. I tell him I'd like to speak to a Manager. He tells me he IS the Manager. He's the Customer Service Manager (don't think I didn't look at his badge). Then he walks me over to Tony and asks Tony what he did... asks him why he canceled the order instead of suspending it (so I don't have to be rung up again). He then moves Tony to a new register. I walk back with him, and he tells me I have to wait in another 15 minute line.

I get agitated easily. I'm sure ya'll knew that by now.

I put the bags down and tell him I'm going to another grocery store. Then, left a message for the Store Manager on my way to SFW. I also call my mom. She tells me about a rotten watermelon she got at Walmart in Mobile. They told her she had to bring it back in. She was outraged. Then the Store Manager said she didn't need to.. but she was on her way. So she shoved the rotten manager at Customer Service and watched.

How many Walmart employees in Mobile, AL does it take to put a rotten watermelon into a bag? Three. No wonder Crystal Meth sounds so good in rural Alabama.

Anyways. I go to SFW. Re-purchase my items. Get this... total cost $20.00!!!!

Kate and I have debated which place is cheaper. Yes, Safeway had the veggie dogs on special at 2 for $5, whereas at SFW they were $3 each... but still, total cost was $12.00 cheaper. I guess it's worth a drive to Virginia afterall. Just skip buying watermelon at Walmart's in the South, apparently.


  • At July 11, 2006, Blogger Angelina said…

    that is a considerable difference - esp since the totals are relatively small. I mean, $12 on a $150 is one thing.

    gees, good to know.


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