Thursday, October 19, 2006


Last night, I met Sabrina for goodbye drinks at Lucky Bar. I'm sad to see her go, but I know it is for the best. She'll enjoy Denver. Denver. Damn, so far away.

Afterwards, I met Grants Boy out in Clarendon. I've decided against allowing myself to be sad. I know why I'm sad though, so that's at least a plus. I'm scared, more than anything, that I'll wake up one morning thinking perhaps there isn't someone out there. I'm scared of loosing my optimism... my belief that everyone has a soul mate, and everything happens for a reason. But anyways, I've decided not to let myself think. It wasn't meant to be with APK. Done.

So, I went to VA to meet Grants Boy for drinks and dinner. We chose Faccia Luna because I was totally just lamenting that I ordered Domino's in. Domino's. The only food I know enough to judge is pizza, and I'm ordering the most mass-produced version. Blah.

We sat at the bar. An older gentleman in his mid-40s asked us how the pizza was. "Delicious," I said. "I came all the way from DC to eat it." It turned out he was one of the owners. We got to talking about pizza. New York pizza, Boston pizza, New Haven's overrated Pepe's pizza. I learned that the Alexandria location of Faccia Luna has a wood-oven and chocolate mousse that can, apparently, compete with Pastis's recipe. I learned that the owner is a Memphis barbecue judge... and fruit woods are the new thang in place of hickory chips. Faccia Luna uses fresh sausage, so you should always order that on your pizza. Next time. It was fun to chat to someone who knows much about my favorite food.

Anyways, so today, I'm stuffed up. My glands are swollen. I'm staying home from work. Blogging.


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