Thursday, October 26, 2006


Not that I was crazy about the book, but the concept of The Five People You Meet in Heaven got me thinking. How nice that Heaven would be a place where you'd get to find out what your life meant?

As one that believes in fate and destiny and soulmates and love-at-first-sight, the scariest thing for me has always been not knowing what will happen next. You know that eternal question- Would you want to know when and how you'd die?- I'd say yes. Definitely yes.

Until I was 20, I never gave much thought to Astrology. I read my horoscope in Seventeen, but I don't think I even remembered I was a Libra. It wasn't until I was heartbroken over a close guy friend that I started to pay attention.

Late one night, Erica and I walked into my apartment to my roommate hysterically crying into the phone. It turned out she was lamenting the loss of her boyfriend to a Psychic. Erica and I were drunk. Very drunk. So we decided to ask the Psychic some questions of our own. Would Erica end up with Derrick (her then boyfriend who couldn't commit and who we found about a month later in bed with someone else). Nope. Erica would meet someone in a year who she would be with forever. It was my turn. Would I be with Marc? Nope. I wouldn't meet the one for a while. I'd need to graduate college, and then I'd have a string of Gemini love interests. Eventually, I'd end on a quiet Gemini who balanced me. I had to wait? How long? Sucky.

I spent $200 at Barnes and Noble the next day on Astrology books.

I thought, "you mean something can tell me what might happen in my life!"

Not that I believe all of it. In fact, yesterday I had a ridiculously specific horoscope that insisted I'd meet a man at a bookstore. I wasn't planning on going to a bookstore. Should I have gone to a bookstore? Was it in my destiny to read that horoscope and thus go to the bookstore?

But anyways.

Was the Psychic right? Yes, so far, she's been right. Erica and Jeff met when I was 21. They've been together for 6 years. They just bought a house in South Boston. I had never dated a Gemini before to my knowledge.

The only Gemini I knew was my first crush at UMass. We'd been the top students in Entomology 101 my Freshman year. I was into him, but due to a twist of fate, we'd both ended up hooking up with each other's best friends. We'd stayed friends, and so Junior year, we decided to date. He bored me to death. Our second date was pottery painting. It took him 5 dates to kiss me. My friends were convinced we should get married. He was blonde with huge green eyes, and together, we looked like Zach and Kelly. It fizzled, and I dated a Capricorn- a Cancer- a Scorpio- an Aries- a couple Libras....

Until I graduated college and went backpacking in Europe.

In San Sebastian, on a nude beach with gorgeous Alyssa (topless is the only way I'd ever even have a shot next to her!), we met Danny and Simon. Aussies. Simon was a 6 foot 2 firefighter from Sydney who called me Spunk as a sign of endearment. I couldn't understand a word he said most of the time, but I loved kissing him. He was so strong. We traveled to the French Riviera with them, and Simon and I held hands as we walked down the streets of Monaco.

Alyssa said she'd never seen me be like that with a guy before. He was very much the one in charge.

Turned out he was a Gemini.

I dated 2 other Gemini when I returned back to the US. Then I met Jerk, a Gemini, and we dated for 3 years. After that ended, I had a Leo and a Cancer and a Pisces, but eventual met APK, a Gemini.

I'm sort of sick of Gemini though. As different as they are (yes, I know this has to do with Moon Signs too), they're all flighty, vain, and insensitive. So, I wonder, what does this mean for my future?

Is it possible I'm not destined to be with anyone?


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