Friday, October 20, 2006

Urg! The Spot!

Yeah, they look hot playing football in the streets with their shirts off and all... but, dude, living next to a bunch of 20 year old GW Students when you're 27 isn't something out of a porn. Frankly, it's annoying as hell.

I've mentioned that they moved in to the ridiculously gorgeous town house next to ours, I think. They've placed a neon sign in the doorway that reads "The Spot." From our shower, we can spot a Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band poster. One day shortly after we moved in, they were half naked in their kitchen in broad daylight smoking out of a bong. They've been fairly nice. I was standing outside my front door one day and noticed that one of them had on a bathrobe and the other a polo shirt popped up with Ray Ban Aviators. I asked if they were having a theme party. Indeed, they were having a WASP and JAP party. I was invited. When I declined, I was offered a beer. And while this cordial behavior warmed me up at 10pm on a Saturday night, at 1am on a Thursday night, Kate and I weren't so thrilled.

Kate's letter to our landlord today:

I wanted to let you know that this has been a bad week with the neighbors. They were making unreasonable amounts of noise on both Wed and Thursday nights. I called the police last night who came round. I spoke with them and they got one of the student's names for me and recommended that if this continues we report them to the school. Apparently they want to come round and work things out with us, but as I explained to the police, there's not a lot to work out, they just need to keep the noise down on week nights.

Part of the problem is that they are still keeping all their windows open, which leads me to believe that their air conditioning has not been fixed. I was wondering if you could email the owners again to see if they are going to fix this and also to let them know that their tenants' unreasonable behavior is continuing. Apparently they have rented the house for two years, which is very concerning.

Sam and I have pretty much decided we are taking a zero tolerance approach moving forward and are going to call the police every time they start up as it's having a very detrimental effect on our living experience. Please let me know if you think there's anything else we should do.

I should feel really old. But then again, I'd rather feel old than tired. And today, I feel more tired than old!


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