Tuesday, October 17, 2006

I've been writing much recently...

Thanks for reading and all, but I thought perhaps you'd enjoy some pictures for a day. I present to you a bunch of random pictures from pre-digital camera days that I just decided to finally scan so I could put them as comments on my friends' MySpace pages.

When you're a 5'7" brunette with child-bearing hips, you pretty much have to be Wonder Woman for Halloween.

Actually, some girl two years ahead of me in college was Wonder Woman every Halloween. I had to wait until my Junior year to rock the costume without comparison. Here's my Sophomore year with Erica and Ali. Erica and I were definitely in high demand that night... huge breasts, tiny skirts, high heels... damn, even I wanted us.

I love this picture purely, because I totally helped Lindsay duck tape her boobs up for the night.

This picture cheered me up while I'm getting used to the idea of being single again. That's one of my good friends Amanda at a sorority crush party. We all didn't have any man worth taking so we went together. I ended up dancing the night away with one of the security guards. Who needs a man anyhow!


  • At October 18, 2006, Blogger Angelina said…

    is that true?? I'm SO wonder woman this year - also, can you duct tape my tits to do that?

    I mean, WHOA.

  • At November 03, 2008, Blogger Ashley Pomeroy said…

    The odd thing is that this entry - with the Wonder Woman picture - is currently Google's second-most-popular image search return for the phrase "childbearing hips". Well done! And, er, wear that outfit more often.


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