Friday, November 10, 2006

Return to NYC

It has been a year since I left New York City... and a year since I've returned for a visit. It has also been a year since I've seen my best friend Ali. She's gotten engaged to Matthew in that time. I haven't even gawked over the ring yet. It has been a year since I drank entirely too much and talked about college with Darren. My friend Amanda too, who just moved back, I haven't seen since February. It has beeen since January that I've seen Angelina, and I decided for her housewarming in her new Brookyln Bachelorette Pad, I should come and visit.

Not sure if I really love New York anymore....I created a list on my old blog of things I'd miss about New York. I can't even recall what those were. To be honest, the things I miss most about New York are my friendships. Other than that, here are a couple I can think of that I have missed.

1) People judging you on your handbag NOT what Ivy League school you attended. JM and I were talking about this last night at a happy hour, randomly, at the Irish Channel Bar which is connected to Chinatown's Red Roof Inn. Don't ask...

2) Fishs Eddy gifts. It costs so damn much to ship the great glassware and platters, and I much prefer to go to the store and look around.

3) The Strand!!!! I miss selling back my books and buying something new.

4) Zabar's cheese department. I stopped there every Saturday.

5) Vintage shopping in the Village... and flea market shopping at the Chelsea Flea Market.

6) Pizza! Lombardi's, Grimaldi's, John's, Joe's, even Totonno's sometimes. I was spoiled forever by fresh ingredients.

7) Diners at 5am after the bars close. I love the tradition of getting a big piece of pie or a bacon, egg, & cheese sandwich after you've been dancing all night.

8) Halloween in the Village... getting a bag of candy corn at Duane Reade and wandering around people watching for hours.

9) Central Park in the summer time. There's nothing like hanging out throwing frisbees and reading a junk magazine.

10) Subways and busses that run all night everywhere... because in DC, the Metro doesn't stop every 3 blocks. I miss not ever using cabs or cars.

So, off I go, back to Broadway. Sing some Sinatra for me.


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