Monday, January 15, 2007

Sober Much?

I am very thankful to have an extra day to catch up on sleep and rest after this past weekend. What a long, somewhat strange, and fun weekend it has been!

Friday night, District Belle and I met in the heated back garden of Mr. Smith’s for dinner and drinks. Three glasses of wine later, we should have guessed the night would have many stories to tell. We’d both never been to Blue Gin, so we were unaware it was down an alley. After walking up Wisconsin a bit, we decided to stop and ask someone where the bar was. I didn’t realize I was asking a gorgeous but foreign gentleman the location. “This is my first night here,” he smiled, “oh wait. Did you say Blue Gin? It is right down that alley way.” “We’ve both been living here how long? That’s so going on the blog,” I laughed.

Peter met us at Blue Gin, and we drank several more enjoyable Raspberry Stolis topped off with real raspberries. The party we were attending had moved upstairs. Looking up at the ceiling, District Belle noticed that the area surrounding the upstairs bar had a clear glass floor. I was in a dress. It was a very very good thing that she noticed the flooring.

Vive called us around 11pm to say she was headed to her friend’s party at Local 16. The guy throwing the party was described as being the Kevin Bacon of DC. Apparently, he knows the entire city. In the cab on the way to meet Vive, I called the Giant to join us at Local 16. He and his crew were on their way to Spank. He later explained what Spank was (rather exclusive) but District Belle and I both agreed that no matter how cool the place might be, the name made us cringe.

Local 16 was packed, however luckily I was already extremely drunk. We chatted to people and enjoyed more drinks until the Giant and his friend joined us. From there, the night involved a couple of shots and a cab ride to the Giants and me spilling a drink all over his den and him calling District Belle’s ex-interest to tell him that he was a dumb ass for loosing such a hot chick (we thought he was joking about calling, so then we were drunkenly upset).

I woke up at 1:30pm on Saturday morning without a hangover, which pretty much had me worrying.

I met the Pea and a psycho chick named Jamie at Sea Catch for dinner on Saturday night... I’m not going to write that story on here, because it pissed me off too much. The food was great, but the service was so terrible I don't think I'd return. I ordered a wine that was recorded on our bill as an orange juice? We met AC, Peter, the Master, JM, and others at Cloud for a “six degrees of separation” party that 300+ people had said they would attend. Cloud is a bit B&T for me to begin with, and, besides the fact that Cloud can’t really hold 300 people, having Cloud regulars there too made the party less than a good time.

A complete a-hole who I suppose you could say I’m friendly with (through Vive and others) decided to tell me that I’m off limits for dating amongst the tight-knit community for the next 10 months since APK and I broke up. Even though APK and I are fine and there are no hard feelings on either end. I was irritated. So, I drank more. The Pea and I realized we’d both been drunk together for 3 nights straight. You don’t want to think about this when you’re drinking, by the way, as it completely makes you anxious that you might indeed have a drinking problem.

We followed Peter and company to Porter’s around midnight. Dancing upstairs, we ran into a friend of the Master’s who I have always thought was cute. Chatting with him, I started to recall why I was told not to be interested in him (even though he totally looks like a young Paul Newman). He bought me a drink, and then I started to recall the facts slowly and verbally… as in, “oh yeah, I remember hearing you’d seen more ass than a toilet seat.” “OMG! Weren’t you hooking up with…” He was laughing, so I guess I said it flirtingly. I do recall that he told me about the girl he was said to be hooking up with, “she’s a nut. We’re all allowed to make mistakes, right?” He’s still hot. Who knows? It was nice actually getting to talk to him, and it turns out we know some of the same people from his home city too.

I came home around 3am and slept until 1pm again. I managed to stay out until 1pm last night with a friend in Bethesda. Not drinking though. I’m in serious detox. We ate fattening food, drank coffee, and talked to our toothless waitress at Tastee Diner. That was a nice PG-rated evening. I feel much better today.


  • At January 16, 2007, Blogger I-66 said…

    I don't like clubs calling themselves different names on different nights, almost as if some sort of excuse for being a bit schizo. It's 1223. They oughta call it that every night.


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