Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Free Will

Vive and I joke about our passion for Free Will Astrology. The descriptions are often so obscure and ridiculous that it is a wonder how insightful they can be... taken, of course, more as advice than prophecy. Mine this week:

I predict that sometime in the coming year two rich attorneys will offer you $20,000 if you'll deliver a cursed diamond to their shaman in Brazil for exorcism. But you will demand that they not only give you the money, but also introduce you to their good friend Angelina Jolie. They'll balk at that, and the deal will fall through. But then you'll write a movie script based on your fantasy of the experience you might have had if you had actually done the deal, and you'll sell the script to a producer who gets Angelina Jolie to be one of the stars. And if that exact scenario doesn't happen as prophesied, Libra, I bet you'll have a comparable adventure or two that will revolve around the power of your imagination, your determination to hold out for exactly what you want, and a rich harvest of poetic justice.

I suppose that means that by holding out and staying a dreamer, I'll eventually get what I need (even if it wasn't what I wanted at the beginning). The only side note, no way would I pass up on $20,000 to meet dirty Aneglina Jolie... husband stealing, incestuous witch... but all the same.

Tonight, I'm going with the Master to a ceremony for her friend, a Marine, who's being promoted to Captain before returning to Iraq. I still have yet to figure out what makes someone that dedicated to their country... that the Master's friend would honestly give his life for a bunch of people who would steal his shoes if he was laying dead on the ground.

I mean, I'm freaked out that the girls upstairs from me spotted a mouse in the living room last night. I can't imagine being scared of other humans with weapons and bombs.



  • At January 03, 2007, Blogger High Class Jackass said…

    I jsut did mind - it was sooooooooo circumlogical....whatever. NOW what am I going to do with the other 23 hours and 59 minutes in the day??


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