Wednesday, January 10, 2007


So, I'm still friends with the guy... but just so you know how much my tastes have, er, evolved... below is an email from the first guy I was into and intimate with at college. He lives in San Diego. He's 29-years-old. He's super gorgeous. Apparently, he's on route to Africa. The email is below. I decided not to edit it, because it is funnier the way he wrote it. Who goes to Africa to get a tattoo?

Welcome once again to a G continental excursion! I was laid off, and after a couple of failed interviews (4 with one co, 2 w/ another) I decided to travel to Africa..I looked into working at the HRC in cairo, but the paperwork would take to long..and I would make only about $200 a month..besides, I don't think DJ Mary would have waited 5 months for me! so i shaved my head( after a mohawk first of course), grabbed my 7 year old sneakers,some ten high bourbon, duct tape, new socks (since I literally didn't have a sock without holes), and some dip, and set off..Just winging visas secured..I did a little research with some peace core volunteers and here is my is my tentative 10 week itinerary: I have about a week extra time that I have factored in for unforseen circumstances, (ie..traveling somewhere I haven't thought of yet, sickness, meeting a girl, or being kidnapped) Fly from LA..stop in London (on brit airways)..arrive in capetown about 4 days and get a to Maputo, Mozambique for about 4 days...on the water..known as africa's only latin city nand where S. Africans go to party form what I hear..then take a 20 hr train to Johannesburg S. Africa probably just for a few hours because it is much cheaper to fly form there to my next destination: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania..stay a few days and then to Zanzibar (island off the coast of Tanzania)..then somehow get to Arusha, Tanzania. this is the gateway city to the Tanzanian serenghetti..go on safari for a few days..then somehow travel by land to Rwanda where I will search the jungles for the mountain gorrillas..then take a bus to Kampala, Uganda..have some fun there and then to travel by land to Nairobi, there and then probably another safari..then the real fun, traveling the wild west(east) frontier from Nairobi, Kenya to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. if anyone is going to be worried about me on this trip, this will probably be the will realisitically take a couple of direct route..stay for awhile in Ethiopia and then fly to Cairo..but wait, i have a free two day layover in Sanaa,Yemen bec I'm flying Yemen airways..hope I can secure a visa.. spend my last week and a half in Egypt...then 2 day layover in London..leaving today 1/9


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