Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Way Cool!

Tonight the ladies are coming over to watch Clarissa Explains It All season 1.

The menu includes:

Chocolate milk, soda, and Capri Sun (Suave at Cosco last week looking at a bulk box of the 80s lunchbox classic, "I see they've still yet to make those things easier to open.")

Jujy Fruits, Wonka Bottle Caps, Goobers, Raisinettes, Twizzlers, Mike and Ikes, Milk Duds

Chips Ahoy originals in the blue package, Fig Newtons (okay, fat free, for the waistline conscious), Hostess Cupcakes

Cheddar goldfish (the ones without smiles. How creepy that they put smiles on the crackers? Who wants to eat something cute? I could barely swallow a Teddy Graham back in the day.) Doritos, classic Lays

Domino's pizza (delivered of course), Subway subs (I wanted to buy the Giant Subs we used to have at all middle school birthday parties, but, I called the store on 20th & M Street and a 3-foot turkey one would cost $38.95. Now, figuring that 3 individual foot long subs at $4.99 each would equal only $15.00, I'm a bit confused as to the pricing on that!)

I express ordered Girl Talk from eBay (the original 1988 game with zit stickers and not the That's So Raven electronic version available now.) My version contains a full sheet of the zit stickers. To play the game, you spin a board and are forced to answer truth or dare questions (call a boy and sing him a song.) If you fulfill the truth or dare, you get the selected number of points. If not, you have to put a sticker zit on your face. Every time you get 15 points, you get a fortune card... these include Special Moments, Children, Career, and Marriage. The first person to collect all four cards wins the game and gets to read the back of their cards for a fortune of what will occur in their future. If you see someone running down N Street tonight in only undies, I'm trying to find out what my children will be like, okay?

I've also purchased every teen magazine available, including Bop and Twist.

It is much more fun being a teenager when you have a disposable income. It's like when I go into Claire's now. I went to buy a bunch of cheap beaded necklaces to cut up and bead into new originals. A 14-year old girl was holding an adorable necklace. "Oh, where'd you get that?" I asked. "It's the last one. I got it in the sale bin," she smugly responded. "Thanks anyways." She walked it over to show her mom. Her mom said no, she couldn't get it. She brought it over to me, "if you want it, you can have it. My mom won't let me get it." Tehe, it is so fabulous being older. I love that necklace, by the way.

Boys, look out for prank calls. I was always HUGE on prank calls. Josh and I used to record ourselves asking to order things from QVC with ridiculous questions like, "I wanted the ring you just showed, but I'd like it with a pink stone instead. Can I get it with a pink stone? And, if you say no, I'm going to be very angry and start a strike outside QVC. What's your name? I need your name." Then, we'd hold down the rewind and play buttons on the tape recorder so that the voice playing sounded older and we call in. They traced back the calls after a while and called my mom. We were grounded.

Ah, good times.


  • At January 17, 2007, Blogger I-66 said…

    I used to be able to do a mean impression of an automated telephone operator. Our prank calls went like this:

    [dial random number]
    The Mark: "Hello?"
    I-66: [pause] "You. Have. A collect. Call. From..."
    Other: Hugh G. Rection
    I-66: [pause] "If you wish to accept. Press. One. Now."
    [Mark presses button and we hangup and erupt in laughter]

    Ahhh the teenage years...

    And seriously, if I ever have a theme party I'm bringing you on as preparational consultant.


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