Friday, February 02, 2007

Farrow on Darfur

I went to Georgetown University for the first time last night. Kix was holding an info session for his website. Decked out in my fur and a business formal dress for the reception at the Holocaust Museum I was attending after the session, I was definitely feelin' like Mrs. Robinson wandering through campus looking for a conference room.

Of course, I know one person in Georgetown undergrad currently. Seeing as I'm 27, that's not completely ridiculous. My college friend's hometown buddy known as "The Bear" was in the military for 4 years before beginning college. So, he's 27. When I moved down here, my college friend had The Bear and I meet up. He came to Local 16 for Suave's birthday party with a couple of his fraternity brothers. I got a call the next weekend from them inviting me to a toga party at Georgetown. My friend weren't into going. I think I would, actually, BUT I'd totally need a flask of something as I'm so over Natty Light kegs.

My friend Louie who's friends with The Bear is in the new UMass Alumni Magazine (4th picture down). He went to visit his good friends in Hoboken. Marcella, by the way, was, uh, wild in college. Boobs everywhere all the time.

Anyways, point is, on route to the building, I bumped into The Bear and one of his friends he'd brought to Local 16 in April. I invited them both to come out this weekend, but apparently The Bear's friend just had his fake ID swiped. Turns out he's 19. I'm old.

I left the session and cabbed down to the Holocaust Museum in Southeast for the "Genocide Emergency: Darfur, Sudan" event put on my the Next Generation Board. The Pea's college friend was on the board and asked us all to attend. Mia Farrow was the guest speaker. She showed us pictures from her travels while talking in a monotoned shaky voice. I suppose it was effective in making us understand that she actually felt something about this issue. She had visited Darfur firsthand and taken the pictures herself. She said with emotion, "I couldn't even put the camera up to my eyes to take a picture of half the tragedies I saw."

Following Mia's speech, a Holocaust survivor, Margit Meissner, who now volunteers spoke about her experiences escaping from Paris by bicycle the day Hitler invaded. She came to America in 1941. After Pearl Harbor, she went to the GI camps around the States and spoke about the tragedies occurring to the Jews in Europe.

Then we ate and drank and checked out Mia close-up. I felt a bit bad about eating my mini-latkes, bean quesadilas, and salmon burgers on brioche rolls after such an emotional lecture. Though, I was starving, so I only felt a bit bad.

Mia is looking more and more like the character of Annie Hall (which is bizarre for many reasons). Looking for Mia in the crowd to see about getting a picture with her, Suave remarked, "just look for the woman who looks like she needs to eat."

Here's Mia now. Don't get the hair. I mean, it's great she's saving the world, but even Angelina Jolie takes time to style and dye.

And here's Diane Keaton as Annie Hall. Seeeeeeeee. Dude, Woody's into Asian chicks. Didn't she hear?

So, here's Mia back when she was making hit movies (AM: "The woman's not been in a good movie in years. I didn't realize that.")


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