Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Miss USA, Nationwide is on Your Side

We're #3!

We placed at Fado trivia night FINALLY. We always come in 5th or 6th place, but this week, we kicked some serious trivia boooootay. And, we got a prize. We're movin' on up.

Our team name was Miss USA, Nationwide is on Your Side. Very science and math oriented this time. JM's a human calculator, so the math questions were easy for our team. Arnold is an Engineer, so he helped with the science questions. Luke's a writer who is remarkable at geography. Questions of note this week? What country is the Orinoco River located in? What's the most popular blood type in the world? Who sang "I Feel for You" in 1985? What is the common name for iron pyrite? What type of animal was the cartoon character Foghorn Leghorn? And, how many Ivy League schools are there?

WTF? My horoscope today. Needs to be freakin' decoded!

Here is your horoscope for Tuesday, February 6: The good news from the stars right now: You're extra sweet and you've got extra heat. Now, aren't there some intriguing new people for you to meet? The bad news? Nope -- it's all good.

I have no issue with people wearing fur.

I have no issue with people eating meat. I have no issue with hunting or fishing. I have no issue with bacon cheeseburgers.

I do have a problem with cockfighting. I do have a problem with man creating Mad Cow Disease by feeding sick sheep to sick cows and then sick cows to other cows. I do have a problem with people abusing dogs and cats and other animals because they have anger issues. I do have a problem with muzzles and neglect. I do have a problem with sick horses carrying carriages around Central Park in the snow. I'm not a monster. I do have maternal instincts.

But, I want to point out, leather is 700 times worse to wear than a mink coat. Cow's give us milk. Not only do we eat them and drink their milk, but we kill them for fashion (leather's not any warmer than synthetic down). Mink are rodents. We poison rats to stay out of our trash. We set glue up to catch a mouse alive. We buy cats to chase away raccoons and skunk. So, the point is, either we set every cockroach, rat, mouse, slug, and ant free, or we shut the hell up and let people wear fur when it's -5 degrees below zero, and they (I) must wear a skirt to the office!

I'm not condoning abuse of animals. But, I do recognize that there is a food chain, and I'm not an amoeba. If you want to carry spray paint around in this weather, my coat's insured. Go for it.

Two girls in Maryland watching SoapNet?

Vive pointed out the story about the two teenage girls in Maryland found dead doesn't make sense. It doesn't. Though, at 16, I was pretty freakin' screwed up. And, Daryl was 19 when I took my first drag of a cig to impress him. Anyways, is it at all possible that the girls caught a rerun of the Big Hurt 90210 episode? The one where Tara follows Kelly home from rehab, dresses like her, gets her hair cut, and then tries to kill Kelly along with herself?


  • At February 06, 2007, Blogger I-66 said…

    I don't like cockfights either.

    That's why I keep my pants on when other guys are around.

  • At February 07, 2007, Anonymous Anthony said…

    I was at a young alumni trivia night a couple of months ago, and we were in 1st place going into the final round, but ultimately blew it when half of our team, which was from California, couldn't correctly answer a question about California-based produce. But we were pretty bad-ass; I was proud of myself in particular for naming the two most prominent companies in the world that use a Pegasus in their logo.

    At some point, one of the questions we had to answer was how many Ivy League schools there were, but it was a gimme question. =)

  • At February 07, 2007, Anonymous Anthony said…

    and for the record, you're now wearing a fur coat made from a cockroach, rat, mouse, ant, etc. -- you're wearing a coat from an animal that was also killed primarily for its ability to produce fur for garments. Just because it doesn't provide milk for humans doesn't make it "700 times" less problematic than wearing leather. I'm not criticizing you, just playing devil's advocate. An animal is an animal, regardless of its social uses, and that's what most animal rights activist groups argue.

    And I'm pretty sure any shoes that fit like little baby clouds are made from some very fine quality leather. =)


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