Monday, February 05, 2007

The Name of the Band was Cowboy Mouth!

What a fun and looooooooong weekend! It started off meeting up with almost everyone I know in DC at Cue Bar on Friday evening. We enjoyed the $5 Absolut special thoroughly before heading over to the 9:30 club with adequate buzzes and having convinced the Master to come along too. Far in advance, I'd warned everyone to dress down. A Cowboy Mouth concert is all about jumpin' and screamin' and sweatin'.

Two more drinks and an opening band (starring a guitarist with an Afro that looked like Justin Guarini but sounded like true New Orleans soul at Tipitina's during Mardi Gras), and we were all passing around Mel's pink cowboy hat screaming the lyrics to How Do You Tell Someone You Don't Love Them?
I was on my second bottle of water by the time Fred had us squatting on the ground for Jenny Says. My hair had already been tied back in a ponytail, and I'd given up on looking cute or sober. He played my favorite song in the encore... the Love of My Life [is a shady lady]. I used the last bits of my energy to jump around to that song with the guy in front of me who I had already determined was from New Orleans. This, by the way, at a Cowboy Mouth concert, makes me, from Mobile, his new best friend for the evening. I'm not joking. Erica and I picked up 4 Yale football players from New Orleans and Pensacola up at a Toad's Place concert in 2000. We stayed friends with the boys for 2 years.
My entire body was sore and hungover Saturday morning.
Vive and I went on an adventure in Virginia to find the Goodwill of Arlington for sequin dresses to be worn at the Mystique party in April. The Goodwill in Arlington is better organized than the Pentagon City Macy's. Color coordinated racks of clothing. Clean floors. Attentive staff. Seriously, the most organized second-hand store I've ever seen.
We couldn't find anything formal and went in search of the Salvation Army in Alexandria instead- the biggest damn Salvation Army store you've ever seen. On Little River Turnpike. The building is round with a collectible doll section and annex containing dishwashers and oriental rugs. It could double for it's own flea market. We found 3 dresses. Vive's had a dry-cleaning tag on it and was Laundry. Cost? $12.99. The Master's dress and my backup dress (in case the one I ordered on eBay looks bad) were $6.99 each. Gotta love it.
Afterwards, Vive showed me my first ever Harris Teeter. I'd never even heard of it. Sorry, Virginians. It was clean, and I appreciated the mixture of Kashi frozen meals like at Whole Foods and DiGiorno pizza like at Safeway. Oh, and my Harris Teeter brand turkey pastrami was only $4.99 a pound. So much cheaper than Safeway! But, I did pay double SFW's charge for soda. Much like any shopping experience, I think Harris Teeter has it's pluses and minuses. And teeter sounds dirty. Just pointing that out.
I met District Belle for her friend's 29th birthday party at Nolan's at 8pm. The birthday girl's evite read: Next year, I will be thirty, and will have to start throwing birthday parties at upscale places where guys are douchebags, girls wear too much makeup, and you have to pay $10 for an obscure beer that tastes like crap. Essentially, my social life will begin a slow shame spiral until before you know it I will think Blue Gin is awesome and turn my nose up at Millie and Al's. I am not happy about this. But I refuse do go down without a fight!
Great idea, except we had the following 3 problems- 1) We were exhausted. 2) We weren't drinking. 3) We don't play flip cup, which we learned quickly, makes the party not so fun. So, we met Vive at Adams Mill for about an hour and then both headed home to our warm beds.
Yesterday, we all gathered at Cleveland Park Bar and Grill for the Super Bowl. I was there at 4pm to help hold a table. I ate about 5,000 calories and won quarters 1 and 2 in our grid pool. I only win at gambling when something else is off in my life. Due to this issue, I gave the waiter a $25 tip. I felt like that might balance the karma. Oh, and not that I'm a huge NFL person, but how cool seeing a touchdown in the first 14 seconds of the Super Bowl? That was the quickest touchdown in game history. I feel like I witnessed something amazing.
And, since everyone I was with routed for the Bears, I defied my usual way of picking the team I route for- Manning is hotter than Grossman. Of course, later in the game, I determined that Grossman is pretty damn hot too. According to Jenn, he's a nice guy too. Married to a teacher (not dicking over a model) and close to his family. So, the Bears it was.
Question during half-time: Okay, you're going to be killed unless you sleep with either Michael Jackson or Prince. Who do you choose?


  • At February 05, 2007, Blogger LJ said…

    I love that pink hat! Thanks for making me a temp addition to the Southern Jewish cluster. So much fun.

    I heart Harris Teeter (my sister and I call it "the teet"). FYI, they have the best birthday cakes ever... healthy, not so much. But on birthdays, calories don't count anyhow.

    On Prince v. Michael Jackson, I think I'd become a nun and abstain!

  • At February 06, 2007, Blogger Pagan Marbury said…

    I was at the same show- wasn't it fun? I blogged about it and linked to your recap.


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