Friday, March 16, 2007

Ari, "How do you have so many actual platonic friendships with hot guys?"

Yeah, I have no idea.

Ari, "All the hot guys I'm friends with I've totally made out with at some point."

Yeah, again, no idea. I mean, I've made out with a fair share of my guy friends. But really, the hottest ones, I'm 100% platonic with for one reason or another. And, it's not that I don't find them attractive or that they don't find me attractive. It's just that I'm one of those girls, I suppose.

Like my friend Chris who was in town a couple weeks back. As I said, the guy is ridiculously attractive. But, yeah, there's no sexual chemistry between us. Never has been. Just not the nature of the relationship.

This all came up because a close friend of mine from high school and I recently reconnected on Facebook. Oh, poor poor Jeff. He was my year, and I seriously talked to this boy about everything a 16, 17, 18 year old has to talk about. I cried. I laughed. I kept him up till the wee hours of a school night talking about whether someone was hotter than me. Yeah, poor Jeff.

But, yeah, Jeff was HOT. Like, model hot.

I never saw him as more than a friend though. Honestly, he might have been too hot.

I have no idea why so many hot guys I categorize as platonic right from the beginning. There are so many of my close guy friends who I would think would be the best catch for anyone, who I find perfect, but who I have zero interest in pursuing. Jesse, Gene, Peter, Ralph, Taffy, Jeff, Chris, Graham, Jer, John John, Dave, Michael, etc.

Maybe it's weird of me. Honestly, I think that when I meet a very pretty, very awesome dude these days, I want them in my life. And, I recognize that they'll still around, most likely, a hell of a lot longer if I just incorporate them as friends. Besides which, I do believe you can't force chemistry. I know when I have it with someone right away, well usually. Anytime I've veered, I've been disappointed.

Yeah, I do have many extremely hot, extremely platonic guy friends. I have no idea what that means. A shrink would have a field day with me, I know.


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