Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Eatin' like a chick-

There was a very attractive dude in line behind me at Social Safeway on Sunday. Okay, so yeah, he was definitely an undergrad somewhere in the area. But, hey, that's legal, right?

I was buying groceries to make dinner and also have some food in my fridge for the week. I noticed him scoping out my assortment. Smart Ones, Healthy Request Campbell's soup, fat free Wishbone Italian dressing, egg beaters, skim milk, tomatoes, Smart Balance light butter spread with flax seed oil added, Diet Pepsi, fat free feta cheese, Baked Lays...

The boy behind me plopped down a bunch of Hot Pockets, frozen pizzas, salsa and tortilla chips, and the largest grin ever planted on such a cute face.

The thing is, I don't completely eat like a chick. I definitely eat my share of pizza and Chinese take out. But, the bigger question remains, what would a guy rather see a chick have in her fridge- a bunch of crap or a bunch of low-fat foods? 99.5% of the girls I know swing one way or the other only. I don't know many girls who have a fair mix of the two things.

Being on the smaller, um, size of things in DC (size 6 is being defended by JLo. I don't know how I feel about being qualified as a "larger" girl in Hollywood standards. This is why I'll never move to LA, for the record.) I always feel like I look like I have bulimia when I buy a bunch of crap food at one time. I'm generally buying the food for a party or gathering, but I'm totally that girl that feels the need to defend it to anyone looking on in the grocery line with judgement. I'll completely call up a friend, just for effect, and say something like, "Hey. Yeah, so you think 2 bags of Hershey mini bars will be enough for feeding the challenged youth we're volunteering with tonight? Do you think they like Hostess cupcakes too?"

So, which is better? When I'm buying all low fat foods, I do worry that a hot guy behind me in line might think to himself that I've got serious FP (fat potential, for the non-5th graders reading this). I could totally see them thinking, "Wow, she eats like a starving bird and can only get to a size 4-6. Hmmm. Moving on."

I mean, I suppose, ya know, maybe it'd be a grand idea to just eat whatever you like whenever you like and not confuse nourishment with ways to attract men.

But I do think about it. You know you do too...


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