Friday, May 04, 2007

Jazz on Jackson Place Returns

Last night, we returned to Jazz on Jackson Place at the Decatur House. After several too many glasses of wine and tons of friends, I headed to Front Page with the Pitcher or Pitch (My stories about him are too bizarre. He needs a name). Email to our mutual friend when I got home last night should say it all...

Um, for the record, tonight was bizarre. I meet some guy at Front Page after I ditch everyone to go to front page (well, b/c Pitch was less weird, long story). There, I start talking to a Southern Canadian (like myself, so odd), and I give him my number [Pitch was talking to other people, by the way] Then Pitch invites him to Fado... um, so, along comes this guy with us.

On route to Fado, we have to stop by California Pizza Kitchen so Pitch can say hi to a bunch of nurses he knows. I have to use the restroom. CPK is closed and the doors are locked, but the two of us convince the guy cleaning to let us in. The Southern Canadian is sitting in Pitch's car with the hazzards on. Then, we get back in the car to go to Fado to meet some other people. I start to text you. He says, "who are you texting" and peaks over and calls you... at which point, I go into a monalogue about liking you and not saying anything to play the two of you against each other and blah blah blah... which apparently you heard.

We get to Fado with this guy I picked up at Front Page who I don't want to go home with that night, thus why I gave him number(I might add) and I dance all night with Pitch's friend Stephanie who I met after A Night of Mystique when Pitch was administering a breatharlizer on her. He just keeps one in his car for no reason. Oh, and she tells me last night that it's an honor we got to blow on it. Hmmm. Then he invites, I guess, the girl he's interested in to the bar and Stephanie and her friend start discussing whether the girl "of the week" is cute or not. This is the point I leave and book it to a cab.

So yeah, that was the night. Comments=)
On gchat with that friend today:
Sam: late nights out with Pitch are strange. I always wake up thinking "What happened last night? Why do I feel like I'm living in My So Called Life?"
#1 There's always 20 girls around who are his "best friends," but they want him
and ask you like 30 times who you are and how you know him
#2 He spends the night texting anything you say out of context to mutual people you know in common
#3 It's funny while it's happening, but the next day it's sort of like sleeping with someone with crabs... like, was it really worth it.


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