Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Planning for tonight-

From Kid Kickball (I love that name for the president of our league's board. It came from the brown team.)

Congratulations to the 2007 Adams Morgan Division Champions: Playground Punks. They are also the first two time winner in AdMo Division history (see 2005).

Be there at the End of Season party on Tuesday June 26, 2007 at 18th and Red in Adams Morgan to see them receive the new AdMo Division trophy!

And don't forget that the party is FREE for division players. With FREE drinks. Maybe some food. We have a DJ too. 7PM - Midnight.

Its your last chance for that drunken hookup!

Email chain from the girls on my team regarding the above. I'm using Player 1, Player 2, etc., because I don't want to get anyone in trouble:

Player 1: haha... BEST LINE: last chance for drunken hookup....!!! cant wait. plus no one will be in kickball shirts, so we wont have to worry what shade of green someone is on [the girls on our team have exclusively hooked up with only people on the green teams, of course there are about 5 varieties of green, so that's a nice amount of people to choose from] ! i call dibs on drew, the catcher from orange team! haha!!

Player 2: Hahah... I know I saw that. Check check... already done. Which one is Drew...from ugly orange or bright orange. Was he one of the guys from the night Fiery One sucker punched orange team guy with glasses?

Player 1: no... bright orange. not ugly orange. i pointed him out to two of the other girls... kinda cute. bigger guy- looks like he could break you. he asked my name last tuesday after hours.

Player 3: He is cute... go for it! Tomorrow will be fun.... great way to end the season :-).

Player 4: So, is everyone looking all cute? I don't know what to wear.

Me: I am wearing my boobylicious Deweylicious dress (see pics on Facebook). Bright orange and blue make brown. Oh well=) So, you think we can pretend District Belle is someone from the team? Like that random weird girl who never shows???

Player 1: ha... yea, District Belle could blend in as a player on our team.. considering we will be the ONLY girls from our team.

i'm wearing a black dress, similar to my black shirt that ties in back, but a dress version. boobs will most likely be popping out.

i have a work event, ill be there at like 7:30-8. .. ready to booze it up, kickball style

Me: Cool. I nominate District Belle to play random weird girl who never shows up. Sound good?

District Belle: Sounds like fun though... never been to this bar?!?

Text message from Player 1 last night: tried on dress for tomorrow. too slutty i think. need your opinion. i'm definitely coming over after work for outfit advice.

My text message back: sounds good. wear the dress. i am going for showing tits. let's bring tits back.

Email from Kid Kickball today:

As advertised on the website and via numerous emails, the End of Season Party is tonight at 18th and Red (formerly Anzu, 2436 18th St. NW. ) in Adams Morgan. From 7PM to midnight we will have an open bar (with free beer and well drinks), a DJ, maybe some food (undecided), and a very brief awards ceremony.

We will also be unveiling the new Adams Morgan Cup (aka Eastwick Cup in honor of former AdMo President Eastwick). The Cup, similar to the Stanley Cup, records the division winner each year. Each winning team is allowed to hold the cup until the following year.

Playa and Lush of the year winners will also receive their prizes.

The AdMo Division End of Season Party is FREE to division players. $10 for everyone else.

Player 1: hmm... what if District Belle has to check her name at the door, AND in addition show her ID. yes, this is a scenario i thought about while getting dressed this morning. hmm, i mean $10 for all you can drink really isnt bad, if it comes down to it. and well drinks... sam, what are the chances it'll be raspberry stoli? unlikely, yea, damn! see yall tonight. i did not bring a back up outfit, so i will be the one wih the boobs popping out. sam and i are trying to bring it back.. kinda like bringing sexy back- but they're boobs.

District Belle: I think I can swing the $10 if I gotta... =) Well, I'm wearing my dress to work. I'm thinking I might have pushed the dress code just a bit. Oh well!

Me: Awesome! Yeah, cranberry and vodka it is=) And, yeah, I bet it's just a check off at the door- so she's random weird girl who never come to any games.

Player 4: So is everyone dressing up like they're going out?

District Belle: I am ... cute capped sleeve dress. Pretty low v-neck (by my standards, anyway!!)

Player 3: I'm wearing a skirt and tank top... I was looking at my dresses this morning and wasn't feeling any of them....

Player 1: i'm wearing a cute capped sleeve dress too. low v-neck. its all black. i am wearing a tank underneath it to work, and then after work, the tank top comes out!

Player 4: I was gonna wear a green tube top dress with flip flops. Its the same dress i wore on my birthday but actually only Sam saw me and she probably doesn't remember. Whatever, I'm wearing it, i'm sure its fine.

Brando last night: I like that you go out more than me and all. I just wish I didn't have to be on volume control 4 nights a week.

Me: Fair enough. My drinking will slow down beginning on Wednesday.


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