Monday, November 13, 2006

I'm going to be a bitch right now...

Don't read this if you can't handle it.

A couple of my guy friends have reported meeting girls they've dated through MySpace and Friendster. I've used them only to get in touch with people. I asked my friends what they wrote... how they initiated contact... what they searched for to find these people. I realized I'd not gotten a message from a stranger, but before I put my head in an oven, I figured out that my profile said I was only looking for friends. With all the murders and rapes and such, I'd have a hard time meeting someone through any social networking site. But curious, I changed what I was looking for to friends, serious relationships with men, dates with men, and networking. Within less than 2 months, I think I've gotten the most creepy 20+ messages ever. Here are some of my favorite.

Subject: Hi Sam

What is going on? I thought I should work on knowing mor Jewish people. We are all suppose to know each other, right?

Subject: What's Up!!!!!

I'm X and my profile really sucks I kind of raced right through it. I'm just on here durring working hours so heres a little about me.LOL It took me like an hour to get through your profile Mine will take you a secondLOL If you have a drink with me then this nice guy will finish first with a bonus and thats you. I am a romantic and I do party alot but only on the weekends, I have to be able to think during the week LOL. I work in Real Estate and I love it but its so slow and competitive But I hang in there. I love your smile, in your pictures you always seem to have a blast. A picture can say a thousand things but your says I'm Beautiful and sweet. I Hang out in DC for Happy hours and on Saturday I'm at a club or Cafe. I am a Greek boy and I go to Greece almost every summer if work allows me to go. I have fun there cause all my cuz's live there and Its cool when we hang out. I am a great cook my mom taught me and I know how to treat a lady and I love from the heart unlike fake people. I would love to chat with you sometime.

Take care and have a great Day.

No Subject

My name is X, 30, work for the X in DC, love every minute of it! Liked your profile and pics, drop me a line sometime if you are interested. Talk to you later. X

No Subject

Hi Sam, I was searching the Jewish girls on Myspace and I saw your beautiful face! Let's be friends :-) Keep in touch.

Subject: Hi

Nice page. You seem to have a sweet relationship with your friends/family, plus youre a cutie. Maybe you can add me as a friend.

Subject: Hey

Hi Sam, I was messing around on myspace and I saw your profile and pictures. I liked both very much so I decided to message you. I love to party and live in Dupont. Message me back if you are interested. By the way, I have a picture if you're interested. I haven't had a chance to post it yet, but I'm happy to email it to you. Just let me know your email address :-) Talk soon!

(he's still not posted a picture!)

Subject: Hey

you're hot. what is up ?

I'm totally changing my profile back now, though I'll miss the entertainment for sure!


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