Friday, March 09, 2007

Phone call with the Pea at 10pm last night:

Me: "From now on, whenever I'm sick or tired and don't feel like going out, just mention RFD to me again."
The Pea: "And, whenever I talk about going back to work after going out, just mention RFD to me too."

Earlier yesterday, gChat with the Pea.

1:39 PM me: i'm going to last about an hour tonight max. i'm so stuffed up.
1:40 PM The Pea: k, want me to just come and do the "late shift" when you wanna go home?
me: um, do you mind coming earlier? think we can just settle everyone in and go on our way
1:42 PM The Pea: nope not at all; let's do it
1:45 PM me: cool. you really have to go back to work?
1:46 PM The Pea: most likely; may get to take it home we'll see
1:47 PM me: wow. sorry.

At 6pm exactly, I got to RFD. I'd gotten 2 frantic messages from the managers saying that if I wasn't there at exactly 6pm, they'd give away my table because The Who were playing at the Verizon center. I didn't realize it was 1975 again. Oops.

Luckily, Sassy, the Pea, Jer, BG, and others were joining. Sassy: "You are a connector! You're like BG, this is JT, he knows so-and-so from college. BG grew up with so-and-so too."

Sitting at the table facing the doorway, I saw the Giant walk in. Since the first time I met the Giant, I don't think I've actually ever bumped into him. Though, RFD was a change of scenery for both of us. The Giant: "I read your blog now. It's not weird now since I'm not on it." I don't want to lose a reader, so all I'll say, I concur that I am pretty stable when it comes to handling guys I dated lightly. I honestly like the Giant as a person, and at no point did I feel like he was a jerk to me. Truthfully, it was nice to run into him. I have absolutely no animosity or anxiety or malice towards him.

Which, for the record, leads me to believe that when I do feel that way about someone, I must trust myself. Those people must have hurt me in someway.

So, I'd downed 3 packets of Theraflu, 1 Claritin-D 24 hour, and 2 Sudafed Sinus Headaches throughout the day. I was loopy. Then, I had 2 Raspberry Stolis and Sprite. I wasn't drunk, but I was low on the filtering. Talking to a girl and her boyfriend from Marietta, GA who I adore (and know common people from camp days), they mentioned hooking me up with one of their friends. "Yay! Of course!" I said. The boyfriend and I were at camp at the same time, but I vaguely remember him. Anyways, we get to talking, and it's brought up where he went to college. Then, I mention that the Producer went there too. And, of course, they know each other. I make a face. Of course, I'm stuck explaining what the face was about.

"So, you went on 3 dates with him, and then he never called?"
"No, no, we were friends were a while. We went to get drinks after I ended things with APK. Then it developed into something for 2 months or something. Spent New Year's Eve with him actually. Then it blew up. He was a shithead."
"Yeah, he's like that with girls. Not very nice to them. My impression is that he's not really looking for anything anytime soon."
"Yeah. Pretty much."
Me, in my head, [Crap. Why'd that conversation just take place? I really like this dude's girlfriend. Hoping to be friends with her. Crap.]

Luckily, the conversation was able to change directions at that point. WTF?

Oh, and the guy at the cluster who knew my childhood friend from Bama (and was adorable) caught all of this... so, you know it's getting back to that friend that he met a loopy, unfiltered, boy-dramatic me.

Around 9pm, we all paid our tabs and left. I was in bed by 9:30pm. Big weekend ahead. Hirshhorn After Hours Event tonight, Shamrock Fest tomorrow, Trailer Trash Throw down tomorrow night. Hopefully, I won't be saying to the Pea, "anytime I am sick and have plans, tell me to stay in and reference Shamrock Fest weekend." Urg.


  • At March 09, 2007, Anonymous The Pea said…

    So my boss completely knew that I went to HH and in fact didn't expect me to come backā€¦(he was already gone if only I had known...) Anyhow knowledge for next time!!!!

    So i can't wait for our weekend of fun, hope you are recouperating as it is going to be non-stop!

    Oh and is it just me or does everything we do seem more fun when I read about it the next day?!?

  • At March 09, 2007, Blogger I-66 said…

    Soooo look for the sick girl tomorrow?

  • At March 09, 2007, Blogger LJ said…

    Wow, a Giant cameo, huh?

    Well, there's safety in numbers for tomorrow. We'll be in the same boat. Are you still in for Shamrock Fest? I'm thinking my window of appearance might be shrinking there...


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