Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Oh oh oh oh oh. You just have to go and makeout with someone.

I do not like 18th & Red one bit. There bugs crawling on the floor. It was about 700 degrees inside. We had to beg them to turn down the air, and, in the end, a girl from Brando's team had to do it herself. The music wasn't great. There was only space for 1 flip cup table. 1 of the women's bathroom stalls was out of order (so there was only 1 working). There was no soap and a broken sink in the women's stall. The bartenders were slow.

If the alcohol wasn't free from 7pm-12am, I would have left immediately.

District Belle attended and now there's the possibility that she'll play next year too! The Mack made me watch the stall door in the men's room, because the line for the one stall in the women's was wrapped around the block. A couple guys came into pee, and I was holding my camera around my wrist. They asked me not to take a picture of their penises.

Um gross! WTF? Do guys really think we want to see their penises urinating? I think I might barf.

I left, drunk, around 12am. Yawn.

In other news, Franky sent the following humerous email today:

On the trip back from Dewey I explained to Sam that making out in a bar is actually a really easy thing to accomplish. In just a few steps it can be done and after a few times and a few conquests you can be the master of your make out domain.

I present you with the steps below. I am really just making them up on the spot**. Feel free to edit/comment!

1. Look hot. This is more than just wearing something boobilicious or that shows off you ass. I have done both and gone home sans make out. It's also much more than the right bar lighting and mixture of booze, hunger and dehydration. It's about knowing that you are fine and workin it! You have to have your head in the game!
2. Ok so you look hot, have pre-gamed at your girls place before and now need to do a lap. Make sure you are comfortable in your shoes for the night because you may have to walk a lot to find any potential. This requires endurance and speed. You will have to block cigarettes if you are in NoVA, push obnoxious girls who stand in your way and don't roll with your crew in DC, and not trip on the already sticky/gummy/wet floor.
3. On the lap make eye contact and zero in on the target at hand.
4. This is the important part. Have a buddy system. Is he attractive? Is he a smoker? Does he seem single? Ask your girlfriend for advice before going in for the kill.
5. If he is wearing something conversational like high tops, a tee shirt that says, "Single Let's Mingle", or crocs you have your opening line. "Nice shoes/shirt wanna...make out?
6. Too fast, let me slow it down. You should smile and start to talk to the guy about either the song that's on, "This is my jam" or try to bust a move. My dancing skills are sub par at best so I prefer cover band dancing scenarios. The jumping is a natural aphrodisiac, I swear.
7. Ok so conversation is going. Ask him if he'd like to a)do a body shot b)do a shot or c)and this is the "tame" one if he wants to get a drink.
8. Make sure to get his name. Not that this matters but it could assist in the nickname process later.
9. Get closer to him as he is talking about whatever it is. Doesn't matter what he is saying really, unless it's something along the lines of pwning someone. Then the information could be crucial.
10. Finally as you've come in 90%(Thanks HITCH!) he should move in for the 10%.


**OK what am I talking about? I am sooo not an expert. It's all about timing and attitude. Go in for the kill and make sure your surroundings do not have people you have made out with in the past too nearby for this may be a conflict of interest.

Hope these rules help!
Love you guys!!



  • At June 28, 2007, Blogger LJ said…

    Ewwww where did you see the bugs? Somehow (and I guess thankfully) I missed that happening.

    Love the list!

    - Holla


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