Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Congressional League Softball

I went with Vive and her man to his work team's softball game last night at Haines Point. This was my first time attending the Congressional Softball League's games.

Haines Point, if you've never been, is such a beautiful DC oasis. Besides the wonderful, but slightly odd placement of the Awakening statue (a large man coming out of the ground). I would have chosen the beautiful location for the Iwo Jima Memorial rather than a large statue without a specific US meaning.

As Vive's boyfriend put out the basis, he remarked how this isn't really so much a softball field. The Congressional League also requires captains to schedule their own games since there are over 70 teams involved. Furthermore, no league bar is offered like in kickball, so the team's have to fend for themselves as far as getting good priced beer and wings.

I'd still trade in our bleacher-lined field in AdMo for the view at Haines Point. Sailboats, sun, water, fresh grass.

Their team was ridiculously good. They kicked some serious butt. Watching a guy out in left field catch a low, fast ball thrown directly at his stomach was impressive. It's always more fun watching a winning team.

After the game, we headed to the Hawk and Dove for dinner and drinks. The place was packed with pretentiously dressed young-faced people. Ah, intern season on the Hill. If I were a 24 year old dude, I'd be spending every night out picking up a different new-to-social-climbing-for-a-job folks.

The team was almost dissolved from the bar by 10pm. The company they work for has them at work at 6am, latest. So, no one really stays out, which makes me feel less mistaken for choosing to go to my kickball games over the softball games the last couple weeks.

But, I did meet a wonderful new group of people, and had a blast hanging out with Vive and her man. I think they may be my most favorite couple. I never feel like third wheel. So nice.


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