Thursday, January 26, 2006

I have a secret...

I often crave the salad/ hot bar of Whole Foods and not because the ingredients are fresh or because the tortellini is divine. What I like to do? I like to fill my plastic container with a little bit of pasta salad, antipasto, chicken and pesto pasta, macaroni salad, potato salad, and grilled veggies... always under 1 pound of course, I've got to maintain my girlish figure... and I like to shake the plastic container up and mix all that random crap together. It's so weird... I know. And I get embarrassed doing it in front of people, so I usually pull the "Oops, the wind tossed all my stuff together." or "They totally bagged this wrong" after I jump around with the bag behind their back. It might have something to do with the Bobby Flay phenomenon. That's what I call the inability to like any food that doesn't overwhelm you with a million different kicks of flavor. After Mesa Grill's brunch in New York two years ago, scrambled eggs have tasted boring to me... and corn bread has never been the same.

So that's my secret. I eat like I'm 12.


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