Friday, January 05, 2007

Tid Bits

I know someone famous today!

Do you know someone famous? Well, today in The Examiner, I know someone who was interviewed. Here's the article. It's the healthy life section... page 27. I've accompanied AC to Whole Foods before. She really does love that place.

All out of emotions.

I am so worn out from caring... and I just don't think I have it in me to feel anything for anyone at this point. Not that the Aquarius wasn't exactly what I've always thought I wanted in someone, but I just don't think I can motivate myself to invest anything in anyone anymore. Talking to Peter this morning, "Welcome to the club," he declared. I feel a bit dead inside. I'm not even sure whether or not my heart's still in there.

Clarissa Explains It All- Season 1

On DVD, and on it's way to me right now! I emailed the local ladies in my life this morning...

I just ordered season 1 of Clarissa Explains It All on DVD. Oh yeah, you so know you watched it... Clarissa Darling in her fabulous layers and layers of strangely mismatched clothing... and how hot was Sam crawling through that window? Couldn't you just KILL Ferguson? He was such a jerk!

Anyways, I wanted to see if ya'll would be into a viewing of the movie? Order in pizza and pretend we're 14 again and SNICK rocks? Maybe I can even find a copy of Hey Dude, Salute Your Shorts, Pete and Pete, or the like as an encore?

What are the next couple weeks like for ya'll?

Suave suggested that we also play Girl Talk. I'm so not putting one of those sticker zits on my nose though. Does anyone else remember the Simpson's episode where the family goes on vacation and Lisa ends up being cool while Bart's not... and Homer and Marge are playing Blind Date, but Homer keeps getting the dork? Just thinking about it. Anyways.

Alabama Day

It's Alabama Day at District Belle's church Sunday. So, Jenny and I are going to support our sweet home. It's been a while since I've been to a church. I'm actually excited.

You're the One that I Want

Is premiering on NBC on Sunday night. Suave's having Pea, the Master, and I over for takeout and to watch the launch. I don't know how many renditions of "Summer Loving" I can take...

Cowboy Mouth

Cowboy Mouth will be at the 930 Club on February 2nd. We bought our tickets at the box office like last time. sucks! Where's Pearl Jam, again I ask you?

Have a nice weekend all!

And to all, a good night!


  • At January 05, 2007, Blogger I-66 said…

    Ohhhh Nickelodeon... You Can't Do That On Television and Guts and Double Dare... I remember the days.

    And seriously, was it really necessary to dig through a giant nose just to find a flag?

  • At January 05, 2007, Blogger GreenEggsSamDC said…

    I forgot about the giant nose! Too funny. We were talking about Guts too... they don't make shows like that anymore. Oh, and whatever happened to the chick from the Secret World of Alex Mack after she was in 10 Things I Hate About You?

  • At January 05, 2007, Blogger I-66 said…

    Larissa Oleynik? The last time I saw her was in 100 Girls. Very entertaining, actually, despite the presence of Jamie Pressly who is kinda annoying. On the other hand, Emmanuelle Chiriqui's in it too, and she essentially disappeared until resurfacing on Entourage.


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