Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Gene's in town this week for work. I've not seen him since April 2006. It's been too long.

Last night, I met him at the airport, and we went over to the Hill to meet Sassy, Pitch, and District Belle for dinner and drinks at the Hawk and Dove.

It was half-priced burger and chicken sandwich night.

'Twas fun to catch up and recall stories from my youth.

Pitch: "Gene, if you're in town, I'll hook you up on a blind date." Me: "Well who is it?" Pitch: "Just someone. Cute though. You know her." Me: "If you tell me who it is, I could tell you if Gene would like her. I know his type." Gene: "That you do."

Sassy: "Wait, so here's the question, if all of your friends didn't like the guy or girl you were dating, would you still continue to date them?" Me: "Well, I didn't much like this girl Gene dated from my high school a couple years ago." Gene: "Oh yeah! She sucked." Me: "But, then again, if Gene wasn't supposed to date anyone I didn't like in high school, he'd have no one to date. I pretty much only liked Elise and Melissa." Gene: "True true."

Ah, memories.


  • At May 15, 2007, Blogger LJ said…

    I'll have to remember 1/2 price on burgers/chicken sandwich. I'm sure far cheaper than my tapas...

    Glad I was able to meet up w/ you guys though. Another fun 'bama native!

    Did I miss anything later last night? I successfully made it into yoga at 6:30AM this morning. Happy Yoga Week to you =)

  • At May 16, 2007, Blogger I-66 said…

    With regards to whether one should date someone their friends don't like:

    I once had a g/f that the guys didn't like, only they didn't tell me they didn't like her because they were unsure how I'd react and worried that I'd get pissed.

    So when I broke up with her, they were nearly falling over each other to tell me they didn't like her. Only then was I pissed.

    "Dudes. Why didn't you tell me then? Would've saved me a lot of time."


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