Friday, January 27, 2006

Winter Wonderland

We would have been absolutely fine chatting the night away at the Madhatter for Happy Hour last night, with the $2.50 glasses of house wine and $4.00 chicken quesadillas, but the second JL spotted a cock roach crawling on the booth about SG and I, we were out of there faster than a white rabbit.

So we made our way up Connecticut to the Front Page . Seeing as the DC adult population is supposedly much smarter and driven than in most metropolitan areas, it shouldn't have come as a surprise that a large portion of these go-getters were apparently trying to get themselves Front Page noticed. Unfortunately, the swamp of people made it completely impossible to move an inch, let alone get a drink at the bar. We made a very wise decision to keep our ear drums functioning properly, and we moved downstairs to Buffalo Billiards.

Buffalo Billiards was much larger than Front Page and much emptier... why do we always do this to ourselves?! We always make the most happening places the smallest and most uncomfortable. Can't we hire some of those "just out of college do gooders" to stand in Dupont Circle and get random people to sign a petition for all of us to agree that we will no longer commit to frequenting places that don't have the room for hipness? I think this is as important as figuring out who should be on the Supreme Court or deciding what religious group should get Israel/ Palestine. This is about our happiness as the trendy, urban twenty-somethings that we are...


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