Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Life's too short to care about spilled milk, or something like that...

I'm a different person than I was when I started blogging several years ago. I remember the first time I read Angelina's blog. I tried to understand what it was and why she updated it. Six months later, I found myself fresh out of a long relationship and sorting through an emotional pigsty to recover the person I'd been years before.

My first blog was a mess. I'm surprised anyone even read my ridiculous amount of whining. I deleted the entire thing when I realized my ex was reading it daily and started this one in January 2006. I decided this time around I'd explore my life and emotions in a more editorial way.

I still cannot believe that I retold so many stories from my past and kept this thing going for so long.

But, the thing is, (gag here) I've found myself again in the process. I recall how to laugh things off and truly believe the girl scout motto of "making new friends but keeping the old." When I left NYC, I said, "I'm so sick of fabulous! I just want fun." I'm enjoying the laughter and love in my life these days. Every time I get sad, I remember that none of this wonderful new life would have existed if Jerk and I hadn't broken up. And, on that note, I would like to do something here:

Every time I get sad, I remember than none of this wonderful new life would have existed if Jon and I hadn't broken up.

I'm not angry or sad or hurt anymore. Jon was a huge part of my life, and an important part of helping me find true happiness.

Now the time has come to leave the stories of my past behind and enjoy the humor, heart, and friendship in my life. I've started a new blog, The Thrown Sheep, that basically just reports from the trenches (gmail, gchat, social networking sites) on the constant entertainment surround me.

My friends are quirky and hilarious. I know you'll enjoy hearing more from them.

I leave you with a collection of links to my favorite posts these last couple years (for those of you bored at work, you now have something to read for a week or two).

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And for the two most controversial entries:

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I'd like to admit that I've had an amazing time both playing kickball and partying in Dewey Beach, DE. So, I officially retract my statements above.

And that is all folks. I thank you for reading this blog. I hope you'll need less tissue and patience for the next one.

Much love.